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  1. I’ve had a season ticket for 10 years but they’re making it very hard to renew, I might as well work more overtime and have a better holiday 😂 embarrassing today really!
  2. We’re just so unbalanced at times, there was a moment where we had Marriott on the wing crossing the ball in and josefzoon In the box...where’s the shape? Work that one out 😂
  3. Holmes the brightest player, but why on earth did jozefzoon keep drifting inside? We were crying out for width...depressing
  4. My dads had to pull out of tonight’s game last minute, I’ll be driving up from Hertfordshire on my own so could meet whoever up the city ground later on, 20 quid will do! 👍 feel free to message, it’ll be first to message that can have it.
  5. Starting to look to summer already, we could be in trouble at forest on Monday, abject tonight. It’s a shame we haven’t got a World Cup to get us through this close season 😔
  6. Embarrassing performance, marginally better second half! Lampard needs a few transfer windows to get this right.
  7. God that first half offended my soul 😂can only get better surely.
  8. I’m not so sure just yet, for me mount seems to have just a little bit more all round game at the moment, from what I’ve seen of them both. Take nothing away from his peach of a shot he’s got on him though. Both will play regular premier league football very soon I’m sure.
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