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  1. cant go with this, gonna go Rams 3-1 Owls 1 Marriott hat trick
  2. just being qouted on sky sports now.....RIP jim
  3. i dont see Leicester as rivals like Leeds, or Forest i just dont like leicester never have, i have a few teams ive always had since i was a kid i like or dislike or hate, im 47 now and its always stuck, i have always had a team i prefer to win in a Derby e.g Wednesday, Southampton, Everton the list goes on, the only thing thats changed recently is i prefer Man Utd to City, City are now in my hate category Utd are in the dislike but would prefer them over City......oh and there is 1 other category its the ducking detest category which solely has 1 team in it Celtic to which Rogers was manager off and now manages Leicester i rest my case ­čśä
  4. because i hate Leicester and Rogers
  5. Rams 1-3 Owls Marriott late consolation from subs bench
  6. 80 mins is being optimistic, we didnt get a shot on goal till the 90th minute at Blackburn.....
  7. Hope I'm wrong but Fulham 3-1 Rams Waggy for Derby
  8. Rams 2 - 1 Preston Marriott fgs
  9. Deservedly so ­čśó­čśó­čśó
  10. When I was in the army one of the lads favorite sayings was "if you can't drink and do your job.... don't do your job" I thought that was something for a laugh lads said 30 years ago, seems Derby County have took it on board since the start of this season
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