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  1. Life is like a path of driven snow, be careful how you tread as every mark will show - written in my book when leaving school by a young lady called Sharon, over 30 years ago and still remember that one. My Hovercraft is full of eels.
  2. I remember when he first came out wearing white boots, said to the guy next to me - he's that hard he can play in his pumps.
  3. Having worked with many young people with autism I can appreciate what you are feeling B4 and I hope that when the time comes you are in the front of the queue to get back to Pride Park and get behind the Rams as you have done before. You just have to give it a bit more time and when things get back to a bit of normality it will feel even better to walk through the turnstile and use that voice of yours to cheer on the team. For myself I do miss going to the game to cheer on the Rams and see the people that I travel to the game with. There's an old school friend of mine (we are both in our
  4. Baj


    Marrowfat Peas - with your Sunday Dinner, a whole new dimension (and a good one too)
  5. The Premier League playing the poor relation card urging the government to stick to the Oct 1 date for return of fans in some capacity. "Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has already said a failure to return fans to stadiums quickly could cost the league's 20 clubs £700m during the 2020-21 season." These are the same clubs that make up the same league that have already spent just over £600m on just twenty players (these being the most expensive deals - granted). Not sure why but I'm finding it a little difficult to feel sorry for them.
  6. Driving through Marehay into Ripley to see someone had pasted a picture of Ainsley Harriott's face on one of the keep left signs on the Peasehill roundabout - if that's not random then I don't know what is, had me laughing anyway
  7. The problem is with definitions, the dictionary says one thing and the EFL's defination of systematic also included Automatic, Hydromatic and Grease Lightnin'
  8. Subbuteo release new figures to mark Leeds United's return to the top flight
  9. Should we all take him Valentines cards in case he turns up?
  10. My Hovercraft is full of eels
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