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  1. As a Wolves fan, losing the semi-final the way we did was the pits, I've never come away from a football match as hurt as that. Two years of exceeding all expectations still doesn't insulate you from that. Who knows when the next chance to reach a final will come? For the last month, every time I've seen something about the FA Cup final I've gone into mourning, thinking 'that could have been us'. As the final progressed, I was still thinking 'that could have been us', but for very different reasons! Delighted with Wolves' progress this year, 41 points off the bottom is great. But the same off City at the top, every chance we'd have suffered a similar fate in the final, glad it wasn't us. That Man City team really are something else. Congratulations to them, they are incredible. Hope of course that you beat Villa in the play-off final. Yes, the Premier is unforgiving, as Wolves and Derby fans we know that as well as anybody, but it can be done, not all teams are as good as City 🙂
  2. We managed to lose 4-1 to them on the way to 99 points, and even though we have a better team even that team, I'd rather them in the Championship and you in the Premier League 🙂 Not that you have to love Derby to want them to win the playoffs - when you think who the other three teams are* in the play-offs 😉 Momentum proved everything ... when you're 2-0 ahead and you get pegged back to 2-2, it's hard to pick it back up again. We know that all too well. But it takes a good team to take advantage of the turning tide, and you've done that really well tonight. Hope you have more fun at Wembley than I did 😞 *were
  3. Well, you got the next goal and you have the momentum ...
  4. If you get the next goal I reckon you'll win ... life will drain out of Leeds ... momentum is everything.
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