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    JoetheRam got a reaction from BurtonRam7 in Attending Football Abroad   
    Malmo v Athletico Madrid in Champions League 2014 I think. Athletico won 2-0 (?) but Malmo were unlucky not to get at least a point. Superb atmosphere throughout the stadium, particularly liked the fans in "Hodgson's Corner" next to the main Ultra section - those boys were loving life.  Roy made an appearance at half time and gave a speech in what sounded like good Swedish.
    Copenhagen v Club Brugge at Parken in Europa League. Brugge won 5-0, brought about 3k fans and their support was mad. Copenhagen fans behind the goal never stopped chanting and were of the wear uniform black t-shirts in minus 5 degrees variety. We stood in their second most boisterous area on the side of the pitch and there was a very relaxed attitude towards smoking weed, drinking beer etc those guys were having a good time regardless of the score. Ended up reminiscing about Junior with one of them.
    Lazio v Inter, Lazio needed to win their last two games to get into the Champions League. Went a man down after about 10 minutes, then a goal up, then another man down, then conceded two in the last 5 minutes. Mad game. We were right next to the Ultras and there was a crazily hostile atmosphere, bottles, flares, racist abuse the lot. Not a good idea to speak English very loudly in that stand. 
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    JoetheRam reacted to Millenniumram in National Pie Day   
    Anyone who says minced beef and onion can GTFO
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    JoetheRam reacted to Coconut in National Pie Day   
    First person to say cream gets a 48 hour ban
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    JoetheRam reacted to Carnero in Beautiful Kit   
    Front row on the right is Khalid Boulahrouz
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    JoetheRam reacted to Sparkle in Brighton and Hove Albion vs Derby County Match thread   
    Based on what seems available     
    wisdom Keogh tomori Cole 
        Wilson      Bryson 
    waghorn.   Marriott.  Lawrence 
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    JoetheRam reacted to VulcanRam in Are you going to Brighton? Be aware........   
    I’ve just watched derby play 90 mins of musical statues so shouldn’t be a problem
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    JoetheRam reacted to froggg in What are you eating tonight   
    Class, only in Nottingham 🤣

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    JoetheRam reacted to Mafiabob in RIP Gordon Banks   
    Rest well..... 

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    JoetheRam reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Hull City - another new crest   
    And new motto "Hull In Umbra Grimsby Aeternum"
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    JoetheRam reacted to HantsRam in Brighton (A) FA Cup Tickets   
    Me and Angry will run around a bit in the away end to make it look fuller....👍
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    JoetheRam reacted to CHCDerby in Brighton (A) FA Cup Tickets   
    I'm guessing that if we sell these, more will become available. I can't see 1700 taking too long to sell.
    One game away from a QF - this is a massive game. Forget about promotion for a minute, this is possibly our only chance to get to Wembley for a good few seasons.
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    JoetheRam reacted to Angry Ram in Best place the sit at PP   
    I have sat everywhere as I don’t have a season ticket. For me the best is the South West corner. Decent atmosphere without too many muppets. 
    Done the south stand. Meh. 
    The west stand is better than people think. East is okay further back you go. North zzzzzz. 
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    JoetheRam reacted to rynny in Valentine's Day 2019   
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    JoetheRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Valentine's Day 2019   
    Make sure you write a romantic poem in the card.
    Something like:
    To my dearest sweetheart, so fresh and new,
    I've never dated anyone as long as I have you.
    You make my heart flutter, and bring a tear to my eye,
    Each time I glance at your tattoo'd thigh.
    Here's to the next two weeks, and getting further still,
    But before we do, are you on the pill?
    If you're not, we can solve this with ease,
    Are you ok spending time on your knees?
    You can of course, edit or re-write in your own words, but it needs very little work, if you ask me.
    Good luck.
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    JoetheRam reacted to TigerTedd in Premier League 18/19   
    I’ve seen people smoke on a pipe, or on a joint. Never seen someone smoke on a plastic white chair. I bet that’s got a mean kick. 
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    JoetheRam got a reaction from coneheadjohn in Classic Movie Clips   
    Two of the best.
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    JoetheRam reacted to froggg in What are you eating tonight   
    Tandoori lamb chops, all washed down with a glass of champagne.

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    JoetheRam reacted to Doodle in Derby County v Hull City Match thread.   
    Hopefully that’s the last time Josepzoon ever plays for this football club again. Cheating, useless see you next Tuesday 
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    JoetheRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    Did they then turn up at your door half an hour after you pair arrived, ten minutes after she "just had to text her mate"?  Did they then proceed to rob you and your house of all your worldly possessions, whilst said girl called you a "sucker", whilst pointing and laughing at your groin area, before skipping off towards the sunrise with them?
    ... or was that just me?
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    JoetheRam reacted to SouthStandDan in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    Getting prepared for their Saturday night down in Revolution later.
    Was on a second date with a girl, somehow we decided to go to Revs. Think she had girl mates she wanted to me to meet. Anyway, I nip upstairs for a whizz, come back down to find a couple of gym meatheads were surrounding her. I thought ah bugger it, got no chance here, this is awkward. 6 foot plus, with shirts that were two sizes too small. And skinny jeans showing their ballerina legs.
    Just as I started making conversation with the "one more rep" men, my date grabbed me and shouted "I'm bored of getting stared at by these tw*ts. Can we get a taxi back to your house?" She kissed me in front of the men and stuck her middle finger up at them. Their faces were a picture. After all their efforts sweating profusely in the gym, being arrogant by trying to take another man's girl for the evening, my skinny pipe arms defeated them.
    Even though things never happened long-term between me and the girl, that night gave me a lot of confidence and showed me not to be intimated by baby oil rubbers 😄
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    JoetheRam reacted to Broderick in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    "Anyone listening to this in *insert year here*😎?"
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    JoetheRam reacted to Paul71 in Paddy Power give it Giggsy   
    Only after 10 pints and half a bottle of whisky.
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    JoetheRam reacted to Squid in Classic Movie Clips   
    Walken & De Niro were incredible in this. 
    *Some naughty words in this, so not suitable for kids or snowflakes. Keep the volume low*
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    JoetheRam reacted to ramsbottom in Classic Movie Clips   
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    JoetheRam reacted to BaaLocks in Classic Movie Clips   

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