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Is Nigel just playing football manager?


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Just wondering as sometimes it feels as though:

- he's accidentally dragged the wrong player to play in a position and then forgets to change them for a few games. I do that all the time, accidentally my central midfielder to CB and only realise half way through the game, I make a mental note to change it for the next game but then forget and he plays there again.

- players get dropped and then forgotten. Again I'm sure we've all left a player out through injury or tiredness and then it's been a few games before you realise that they're back and they're still in the reserves.

- we don't score goals so we keep looking for more strikers. We have 6 currently considered 1st team strikers yet are looking for more. Strikers are probably scoring a 6 on his match reports so he just thinks they're poor rather than looking at the lack of chances created. I always end up with more strikers in my squad than I could play.

- he appears to be running a low spec computer and has selected the English and Scottish leagues only. Scouts area only coming back with players from those leagues, he could have at least stuck Spain or Italy in there as well.

Yeah you guessed it, I'm bored.

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I must admit, I do find his concept of changing a player's position during a match such as reversing right and left back roles in the second half quite confusing. It may be to confuse the opposition but also has the effect of confusing the players concerned.

His habit of sitting looking a)bored or b)asleep when the team are a goal down (often in the first few mins lately) is surprising. It's certainly not something he learned from his dad!!!!!!

He manages to get some good players as loanees but his purchases don't always enhance the performance of the team.

Like the Rams on the pitch, his very unpredictability is entertainment in itself and for this reason I find him a fascinating character study.

Is he playing a computer game? Maybe. But I wouldn't get it out of the box lately!


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Heh, on FM2011, Dave Martin is my first choice Left Winger, Stephen Pearson is a decent central midfielder, and even Conor Doyle is pretty decent. If Cloughie does get his info from FM, he's probably as annoyed as I am by all the constant press conferences, asking stupid questions all the time. I pray for an option in which I reply 'oh, just f**k off, will you?'

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