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Haha, I would take all of them over the rubbish we have in Malaysia - you are spared Shebby Singh, Peter Barnes, Jason Dasey, Scott Ollerenshaw, Jay Menon and the rest - trust me, one night watching that lot and you would be begging Claridge and co to come back....

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Ray Wilkins pisses me off. He'll lie when watching a replay to agree with whatever he said on live commentary, despite it being bullsh*t. I never watch Channel 5 or ESPN, mainly because the coverage on 5 is bobbins.

"I think he got the ball there, oh yes the replay shows he cleanly got the ball" [as the player is stretchered off with a double leg break]. (Extreme made up example, but he does have these moments all the time on a smaller scale).

Happy with most of the Sky Sports team except Neville, who has little on screen charm, but at least his opinion is more valid than Townsend & Collymore. The less said about ITV's 'Tactic Truck' the better. A dark age in modern football.

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Hated Neville as a player. Don't think he deserves it really. Afterall, he was only Man Utd through and through. Like him as a pundit.

Hansen I like.

Shearer is ok

Dixon I like.

Lawro is knob, Rosenior never actuall says anything even though he talks. Garth Crooks likes the sound of his own voice and talks rubbish.

Then there's ITV. From a God awful presenter in Chiles to one of the commentators who orgasms when he's covering Leeds to Jim Beglin and then Andy Townsend.

Then there's Matt Smith who gives any sort of foreign sounding name a ridiculous OTT twist.

"Grrrrre-al Madthrid will play Bazaluna at the San-tay-ee-agho Bern-eh-bao"

Yes Matt. Where you from?

I hate ITV football.

And as mentioned, when commentators who lie on replays to back up what they said in commentary. It's ok to be wrong fellas.

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Garry Neville hurts my eyes, he's no Redknapp to look at but he actually talks alot of sense. Half time at Chelsea v Arsenal he even made me laugh.

If I was to forget about ITV for a minute I actually like most pundits, maybe I'm odd.

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"Could Messi and Ronaldo beat up, i know your going to say Ronaldo has, but could they beat up Premiership teams as often as they have La Liga teams?"

Yes. Ronaldo has.

"Could Barcelona deal with playing Stoke at the Britannia."

No. They're only any good against teams like Man Utd, Real Madrid, Lyon, AC Milan, Bayern Munich.........

Fluck me. Do people really pay subscription for this?

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