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Ratings v Southampton


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I'm a bit of a self-confessed lurker but I enjoy the ratings. Here goes:

Fielding 8 - make a few saves, kept us in the match at times

Roberts 6 - Seemed a bit dodge at times, didn't do much attacking wise

Shackell 7 - Solid, thought did well

O Brien 7 - Seemed OK

Anderson 5 - Thought he kept fluffing his lines, slow. Thought he was very nervy

Hendrick 7 - good, nothing amazing

Bryson 6 - anonymous at times

Ward 7 - fairly decent, but was nervy first half

B Davies 8 - Liked his effort and determination. The dude to make things happen

Robinson 8 - I thought was good today

Steve Davies 4 - Didn't win anything in the air, didn't do much. Though cwyka was much better the few mins he was on. Thinking Steve is just lazy?

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Fielding - 7.5. A few occasions when he need to use more lip with his defenders but much better.

Anderson - 6. Not a right-back, but he didn't disgrace himself with his actual defending. But he looks pretty awful going forward.

O'Brien - 7. Alright, but I'd still much prefer the experience of Barker when he's back. A little less hoof would be nice

Shackell - 8. A good centre-half display.

Roberto - 9. Amazing, as per usual.

B Davies - 7. Please get the ball to him more, for crying out loud!

Hendrick - 5. One of our weak links today. Too much of a passenger at times and let Cork and Do Prado run at our defence too much.

Bryson - 6. Not a great deal better than Hendrick, but did made a bit more of a nuisance of himself.

Ward - 8, MOTM. As per Ben Davies, get the ball to the fella! Easily our more technically gifted player. A joy to watch, and a nightmare to defend against.

Davies - 5. Another dissapointment today. I can't remember him winning anything in the air, and he looked slow and lacklustre on the ball. Lazy is harsh, but he's certainly not match-sharp.

Robinson - 7. Better, much better! He'll still give us plenty more to cry about, but the lad done good today.

Overall, I though we defended well against one of the best attacking forces in the league. I think we might have given it more of a go with Brayford out there, and the lack of experience in the centre was apparent. Bt it was nice to see the spell of pressure at the end, and I'm happy with the deserved point.

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Thanks JC, good to hear your thoughts,( bearing in mind what i just said in 'scuffle', ) i am coming to the opinion that S.Davies is a bit like that, anon, then scores ?, then anon again, but atm NC seems to play him,( i see your comments about Cwyka,and despite his goals against florist reserves,NC still prefers S.D. over him ? ) cos we have no options up front, unlike everywhere else.......

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Fielding - 7 - made some good saves, coped well with waves of pressure

Roberts - 7 - fairly solid game, made some important tackles and his distrubution was good from what I remeber

Shackell - 6 - not for any reason, just seemed quite quiet?

O Brien - 7 - good game, I thought. Growing in stature with each game

Anderson - 5 - out of position so it's not really his fault, but difficult to have a slow full back, specially against a team like Soton

Hendrick - 6 - he did ok, not his best performance recently

Bryson - 5 - really quiet. He's so visible in games that when he has a quiet one, it doesn't go unnoticed

Ward - 8 - excellent first half, quieter second but he always showed for the ball ran constantly. Great performance

B Davies - 7 - good game, he's starting to grow on me. Smart with the ball, makes some sensible passes

Robinson - 7 - standard Theo. Full of running, energy and honesty. Hilarious shot in the second half that went high and wide!

Steve Davies - 2 - really p*ssed me off today. Looked like a lack of effort. He didn't seem to try for any of the headers he was jumping for, and the defender beat him every time.

I thought Southampton were very, very good.

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I think people don't seem to realise how difficult it was for our midfield today.

We did not defend from the front today and the midfield were not helped by some non exsistant work from SD and dreadful balls out of defence.

O brien seemed to lose a step for the goal.

I actually thought hendrick was fine.

Ramnut - both fullbacks 5?! Blimey! theo 5?

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