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Ireland v England ODI 50 overs


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We had better be bothered. I live 40 mins north of Dublin and other than me and another ex-pat work colleague I dont think many of the locals realise that this game is actually taking place today. If England dont win you can guarentee that everyone will suddenly be interested come tomorrow morning and my life will be a misery. I still get nightmares about the sh1te I had to go through when we got turned over in the world cup and since the publicity surrounding our rise to world #1 that followed the Indian series this is ripe for another round of bash the Englishman :eek:

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Our AAA Golden 8ollocks World Beating first XI only play against other test-playing nations. :cool:
This was a very easy win really, it turned into a virtal 20/20 and well in Irelands favour, any decent side should have walked it IMHO.
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