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Moor farm!!


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With the emergence of ob and hendrick and ball as well as the big noises coming from derby county about mason bennett and kwame Thomas are we now starting to see the investment on out top of the range training ground bearing the fruit!!

It's nice to see that we have good up and coming youngsters that hopefully will be the future of derby county if we can keep hold of them!

Mason Bennett I've been told is already signed up to adidas and I did a first aid course a couple of weeks back with the under 18s physio and he told me that Bennett is the best young prospect he has ever seen.. This is from a man who watched huddlestone, barnes and others come through the ranks!!

Let's hope that moor farm can continue to bear the fruit that it seems to be providing the club!!

Derby county could have a decent homegrown future!!

Man utds homegrown Class of 92 maybe!!

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Exactly, those regulars in the Derby County side, I have shirts with their names on by the bucket load (only 'cos I can't f**king sell any).

I don't really see what you're getting at - we do far far better than most clubs in turning academy players in to first teamers.

The gap between Addison and this batch has been 1 or two seasons. I think we do very well for a second tier team in that respect and it proves we don't have second tier facilities.

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I just made the observation that we had three crackers in the early/mid noughties, and then nothing for years, and now we have another exciting horizon of youth.

Not sure where you've pulled the 1/2 years from?

Barnes and Addison were late noughties, surely? And now we're in the early twenty-teens (this era has a ridiculous name, someone needs to come up with a better one).

Addison's breakthrough was 08/09. Hendrick broke through in 10/11, O'Brien made his debut the season before and might have been around more if it wasn't for his heart. The wait between Huddlestone/Holmes and Barnes/Addison was probably longer. Two seasons is hardly the wait of a life-time, is it?

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Tom Huddlestone - Debut & Regular: 2003/04

Giles Barnes - Debut & Regular: 2005/06

Miles Addison - Debut: 2006 Regular 2008/09

Mark O'Brien - Debut: 2009 Regular: 2010/11 Until Barker is fit

Callum Ball - Debut: 2010 Regular: Isn't

Jeff Hendrick - Debut: 2010 Regular: Isn't

You seem to be pigeon-holing me as someone who is grumpy that we have a plethora of talent on the horizon, I am not, I am delighted that something within the club has changed to bring about this new generation of home grown talent.

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