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Doooom & gloooooom


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Yeah just got a 7 seater hot tub, upgraded from an inflatable, hows that then....no filthy comments pleeease..:D

To the tune of the monkey song in Jungle Book:

"Froggs the king of the swingers ohhh,

He f*cks those OAPs..........

He bought the tub,

To get some love,

And begin some buggeryyyy,"


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It's all doom and gloom on the forum at the moment. They've all crawled out the woodwork to post their ******. Time for some good news.

Anyone got any?

I found a penny down the back of the sofa.:)

I found a lighter down the back of my sofa this morning, so put it in me pocket, went outside for a fag - then dropped the lighter on the path and the bleedin thing broke :rolleyes: Just my luck.

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"Hes moved onto piggys now,

He loves their sweet caress,

They go to a cliff,

To do the business,

Cus there they push back best :eek:....

Ohhhh filthy you! You're at beastiality too!"


enjoying that rum Alex......filthy dirty mind it gives yer:eek::D

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