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Niki Lauda

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Bit down today, one of my heroes and an all time  F1 great, Niki Lauda died today.

what a driver and what a brave man. To come back from the horrendous injuries and win again was an incredible feat. His battles with James Hunt over the years were part of a special era. 

F1 to me will always be Lauda and a red 312T 


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2 hours ago, Malagaram said:

RIP Niki Lauda,one of the Greats of Formula 1

I suppose it was a time when I followed F1 avidly but I also think that 1970’s era was the cusp of a huge change in the whole feel of the sport. It was a remarkable if dangerous time. Drivers died every year, they really were warriors. 

It was the end of the age of instinctive drivers, there was little or nothing in terms of telemetry, the rules were simply about weights, dimensions, engine capacity. The sport wasn’t “engineered” to be a spectacle for a business, it just was, in its own right. 

As a boy I admired those guys, glamorous, dangerous, raw. 

So many, I remember Piers Courage, Francoise Cevert, Peter Revson, Ronnie Peterson and a little later the great Gilles Villeneuve.

Lauda took on the safety mantle from Jackie Stewart and was part of the thinking that drove the culture in to the modern age 

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