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DCFC Fans 10 Years Online, Thank You!

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Late to this thread. 

From someone who migrated from the old DET site when this site began, congratulations @David it really is the best football forum around, and I'm sure this is the same for a lot of people, it nice to just drop in, like putting on your favourite old warm coat.

Now for a genuinely true story. 10 days ago I was at a prospective client pitching for a bit of work. Hanging around waiting to see the bloke I needed, I was catching up with the forum. Bloke came out, looked over my shoulder, saw the Andy King thread, turns out he was a Leicester fan, we got chatting about football, got on well, got the work. The power of DCFC Fans.

When I got home I told the missus the story (but obviously changed it to say I was watching porn).

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On 29/01/2019 at 18:41, G STAR RAM said:

Just checked, I've only been on for 8 years, God knows what I was doing in the first 2 years.

In them 8 years, I've been married and divorced, had 2 kids, moved house 3 times, quit my job and set up my own business. 

The only thing that hasn't really changed is the division that my team is in!

Thanks @David for creating a platform where I can air my views, read other fans views, debate topics, have a good old fashioned argument or sometimes just come and vent my anger (I miss the Brexit thread!)

my finest creation.......sadly, it no doubt led to @David having to take the actions he did to calm us all down - was half expecting to feel the waft of the ban hammer for creating such a monster (even though I usually take care not to try to deliberately offend....) 👍

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Echo everything that’s been said 

all i can say is a massive thankyou to Dave and all the mods that do such an amazing job at keeping this site as it is 

absolutely top notch 

heres to another 10 years

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22 hours ago, coneheadjohn said:

That’s going to be embarrassing if we meet him.

Pleased to meet you Mr Shagger🤪

Shagger is a great nickmate for Given. Officially adopted from hereon.

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