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you know your from derby when......


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got this off facebook quite funny :D

Whatever the Rough Guide to the UK says about Derby being 'unexciting', we know that only true Derbians can appreciate this great city and the Derbyisms that go with it:

1. You tell people you're from Derby and they say 'ahh Derby I've never been there but I've been through it on the train'

2. You wonder why every other city has a bus station and Derby doesn't

3. You know that Shottingham is loads rougher than Derby (you get shot there)

4. You can find loads of different ways to insult people from Shottingham but you don't rise to it as they're not worth it

5. You will always support Derby County, however badly they do - it's about loyalty

6. You know who Rammie is

7. You remember the Baseball Ground

8. You are familiar with the local language - it's definitely called a cob and the alleyway between two houses is called a gitty

9. You can say you have been mardy and/or had a bag on at some point in the last few days

10. You ask your mates if they are goin daaaan taaaan later on

11. You are shopping/walking/etc and call your friends/children/dog over by saying 'gerrea naaa'

12. You have looked at someone gone out recently

13. Zanzi was the place to go on a Monday night when you were about 13 and the bouncers actually let you in

14. Zanzi is not cool once you get into Sixth Form but you usually end up there anyway

15. Barracuda, Yates', Standing Order, White's, etc are all pre-Zanzi places to go

16. You eventually get to an age where you realise you REALLY dont like Zanzibar any more and become a fan of Scream instead

17. Between the ages of 16-18 you live life by the 3 B's: Blue Dog, Big Blue Cafe and Blue Note

18. You always see that singer tramp guy on his guitar singing Wonderwall or American Pie when on a night out in Derby

19. On a night out in Derby you have had the (drunken) urge to walk through the giant urinal/fountain in the Market Square

20. You always find yourself phoning 757575 for a taxi, no matter where you are in the country

21. Two words: Mama Jane's

22. Cheesy Chips = mmmm

23. Pink Coconut anyone?

24. You laugh off accusations of sheep shagging, whatever people from Shottingham say - that joke died long ago

25. The bus driver is known as mate/luv

26. Everyone has the same name: duck

27. You know Mad Kev if you travel on the Alvaston buses

28. Chad = rough

29. You have got lost inside the Eagle Centre

30. Now that the Eagle Centre has been extended, if you get lost, there's no hope for you

31. Forget Westfield, it will ALWAYS be the Eagle Centre

32. You remember that big wooden mechanical clock structure/water feature in the Eagle Centre that never seemed to actually work

33. All your friends' parents work at Rolls Royce or, well just Rolls Royce really

34. It's Ram FM/Radio Derby and the Derby Evening Telegraph all the way - Joe, Pete and Twiggy!

35. You remember when the Odeon was called the UCI and you watched the purple flashing lights on the roof at night

36. You were part of the gang from West Park or Lees Brook that would go over to the other's school to sort them out

37. Derby Uni is the Oxford of the Midlands

38. You had your birthday party at Jimmy G's

39. You believe the Council when it says that Derby can be a 'Top Ten' city by 2020 - have faith!

40. You can remember when Toys R Us and Halfords where the only shops down on the Wyvern and Pride Park was just a dream in some guy's head

41. You remember when Pride Park was opened by the Queen in 1997 and your school got tickets to the opening ceremony

42. Brian Clough = Legend, whatever age you are

43. You remember when Oakwood was just fields that were great for playing in.

44. You would always hear cries of 'Fresh Flaaaas a paaaand today' and 'Fresh Flaaaas pick yer owwwn' when you walked up East Street

45. You arrange to meet everyone 'at the Ram', and they know exactly where you mean...

46. ...but when you get there there are always loads of Chavs hanging round it

47. You daren't walk up St Peter's street for fear of being harrased by people with clipboards

48. It's obvious that if Derby Playhouse had kept the Pantomime, they wouldn't have gone bankrupt

49. You have walked past the shoe mending shop next to Derby Playhouse that has a scary as hell puppet man hitting a shoe with a hammer

50. You know that the Hippodrome will return

51. You remember the Co-op Cow (this one's for Aleena at Radio Derby!)

52. Riverlights? Yeah right!

53. You have been to Marketon Park and have jumped/fallen off the giant fountain in the middle of the paddling pool/taken the yellow boats out on the duck poo lake/gone on those cars that you put tokens in to make them go/been for a ride on the train/climbed up the giant spider web climbing frame/had a ride on one of the donkeys

54. You always dreaded Spider Island during driving lessons, but it never turned out to be that bad

55. Skegness is THE place to go on holiday

56. You think that those people who don't go outside when it's a bit chilly are just SO nesh

57. You ask yourself what the point of the National Ice Centre in Shottingham is when Derby has Rollerworld!

58. NOTTINGHAM East Midlands Aiport? Well if you say so...didn't last long did it?!

59. You wonder how Shottingham dares to give Derby a bad name

60. You know that Bonnie Prince Charlie reached Derby and decided not to carry on invading - we were obviously too good for him

61. You are chuffed when Derby's name pops up randomly in something that you are reading - e.g. Wikipedia - 'Many Peregrine Falcons have settled in large cities, including London, Ontario; Derby, Brisbane and Cologne'

62. You know that the ten safest places in the world are:

1) Cheyenne Mountain, USA - American defence and space missions headquarters

2) HavenCo - data protection company in the North Sea

3) ADX-Florence Prison, Colorado, USA - maximum security prison

4) Saddam Hussein's bunker in Baghdad. Can survive a 20 kilo-ton bomb or atomic bomb

5) The Mormon Church records store, Utah, USA - Vaults incased in granite mountain

6) Fort Knox, USA - Huge bank vault

7) The 1960s Bar - A bunker in Wilshire

8) Air Force One

9) Area 51, USA

10) Bold Lane Car Park, Derby

63. Forest? Yeah I know what a dirty word

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