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worst gig attended


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39 minutes ago, McRamFan said:

Chumbawamba, thankfully I was working at the gig, would have demanded my money back and compensation. Utter garbage.

met them in Granada of all places, untalented wasters to a man

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8 hours ago, Lambchop said:

Except Rush, Exit Stage Left, that was pretty good. And Jethro Tull, Broadsword and the Beast, and Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells tenth anniversary.  

Saw Santana there, Supernatural tour, and saw a Santana tribute band in the Flowerpot the same week; the tribute were much more enjoyable. 

Saw santana in Newcastle and it was a good but a little false?  Saw them in marbella starlight on a hot summer night at midnight and he was magic, standout gig and in my top 10. Perhaps he is happier in the warm.  Going to see him in Fuengirola in August and expecting a lot

Saw Rush at the Rainbow, magnificent, the power projected from 3 guys, wow

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14 hours ago, BaaLocks said:

Any gig at Wembley Arena - Simply Red was the worst of an awful bunch (amazing what you'll agree to when you're trying to get your leg over - the girl I went with, not Mick Hucknall)

Know what you mean about Wembley Arena - had a summer girlfriend experience being dragged to see Madonna (foul mouthed trollope) and a bedraggled Blondie in the early 90’s but remember seeing INXS there in 88 and they were pretty good.

Worst for me has to be a multiple 80’s acts gig at the NEC. Carol Decker performing before Paul Young finished the night, made him sound dreadfully washed up; it was embarrassing watching scores leave midway through his second song - we did likewise. He got slaughtered in the review.

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