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Clough attacked me, claims Billy Davies


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"I told him I wouldn't have minded him doing it to my face but to do it when my back was turned was cowardly," an incensed Davies said. "That's why I never shook his hand at the end. I said to him on the touchline he was out of order because when I was in the middle of that scrum he came from behind and kneed me in the back of the leg. I felt the blow on the back of my right leg and it was deliberate.

"He tried to claim it was an accident but he knows, as well as I know, that it was no accident. He was trying to be clever and he did exactly what he was trying to do, but to do it behind my back was a bit cowardly and that was my disappointment."

I actually laughed..

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ive just re watched the footy league show, and nigel is in the scrum before old billy, now i know hes small, but did he crawl under the legs to get infront of nigel

and if nige has done, he should get knighted!

yeah, I did earlier and saw the same, it's just billy talking outta his arse, again.

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