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University research on our use of screens


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I think there are evolutionary factors involved in why humans are so easily addicted to portable internet devices

Survival instincts are stronger when you feel safe and connected to other humans. The need to constantly "check-in" online is a way of proving to yourself that you are still safe and fully aware of the world around you

Discuss :)

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I find it fascinating. I loath that we go out and about with a screen but at the same time I am addicted to my ipad at home. Its like having a library and being in the pub all at the same time.

Out of the house I hardly touch my phone except to infrequently make / receive a phone call/text for something specific.

I have noticed that a fair number people under 30 are awkward when forced to have face to face interactions. I am amazed at how people don't use the range of pitch and tone that their voices offer. Expression seems to be dependant on using a raft of set clichees to cover feelings that in the past were expressed with a modulated voice and facial expressed that tied in with it. 

The other curiosity is, how we all hide behind emails so we don't have to face the reaction to a difficult request. I think there are two ways of looking at it .. skills being lost or new skills evolving ?

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