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So Christmas is over....

Comrade 86

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Remember a few weeks back when we were in the relegation slots? I do. Some were even predicting we'd go down, yet some of those very same posters are now scathing of the side for losing their first match in 10. Go figure! In terms of where we really are, I guess it's somewhere in the middle. The autos were gone some while back - I'm a perennial happy clapper but even I stopped counting the points to second place weeks back, despite our fantastic run since Mac returned. That said, I maintain that the play-offs are still a definite maybe! So.... Are there reasons to be optimistic? 

Let's consider a few facts in light of today's performance that may give us reasons for some lingering Yuletide cheer:

  • We've bounced back from an horrendous start to the season
  • I got some new pants and socks for Christmas
  • We are still missing a lot of key players. Playing at left back for us appears to be right up there with bomb disposal in Bagra for the world's most dangerous job and there's no doubt that the return of young Max Lowe will strengthen the side, in defencesive and attacking terms
  • I've nearly finished all the leftover Christmas ham and turkey
  • Hughes too, is a painfully obvious miss for us - we're just not the same side when he is absent or off his game but he'll be back for the next league outing.
  • I've only put on a stone this year
  • George, though ably covered recently by a resurgent Bradders, is also a big miss and it's likely we'll not see him run out before the last few games this season, if at all, yet we've coped way better with his absence than on prior occasions.
  • We've got our country back - ho-ho-ho
  • Baird and Pearce have been excellent as has the defensive unit in general and they can only get better with the aforementioned players due to return. Despite today's result, we've shown ourselves to be way tougher to break down than in previous seasons which is another positive.
  • Chris Martin is coming home
  • The transfer window is open and Mac has shown his eye for a decent loan signing to be pretty sharp so there's a good chance we can strengthen in areas we are lacking
  • Fawaz has booked his return flight
  • We're still only one place outside the play-off slots
  • I've still got leftover booze from Christmas
  • There are over 20 games to go 
  • The Gumps are hilariously awful

I appreciate that much of the above is personal to yours truly and that today was a tough one to swallow, but we've not become a bad side overnight, nor did we become a brilliant one over the last 10 games, so perhaps all is not lost on day 2 of 2017.

Anyway, where's the eggnog?




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6 hours ago, Inverurie Ram said:

Christmas is everyday of the year, being a Derby County fan, it's such a special feeling, so Seasons Greetings to you 86 points, and remember every time a bell rings an angel gets it's wings, it's a Wonderful Life being a Derby County supporter and it's such a wonderful gift.


I thought you meant - full of expectation and hope but ultimately disappointed in what you get. 

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