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Never going to happen but id love to go back to the days where we released one kit a year rather than three (unless sponsor or manufacturer change) so a home kit one year, away the next and home the year after. 

Not just our club but i think all clubs should go back to this for a number of reasons

Firstly kits last longer two years in date rather than one, its also worth waiting until xmas to buy a strip for kids etc as its got an 18 month shelf life from xmas rather than a 6 month shelf life. Back in the day i think there was more anticipation over a strip release and probably more people owned home and away shirts due to alternating years especially where kids come into it whereas now most people own just one for the season 

The strips in general seemed to have more thought put into them when there was one being released per year rather than three (although that could be down to manufacturer, puma were absolute class) 

Also across the board not just our clubs i think kits in general became more iconic because they were around longer. wanchope in his white puma kit ot far more memorable imo. Also sharp at united, brother at city surely this is better for sponsers in the long run seeing the same kit over two years with their logo on. Granted the same logo is still on the shirt over two seasons on two different kits but they dont appear to be as 'stick in the mind' in my opinion. 

Obviously someones done the sums and its beneficial to release three kits a season but really is it that much better to manufacture three kits & sell one strip to most people (two to the better off) or release one quality strip a year with potentially more people buying the one shirt and have lower manufacturing costs of not having to produce three low quality kits in one season. Surely one kit over two seasons would appeal more to the fans. 

If i dont buy a shirt when it initially comes out then by christmas i refeuse to buy it as i feel i wont get my 'wear' out of it. Its very rare i like them when they initially come out so dont bother buying them anymore but they usually they grow on me.

I now just go retro & buy the old puma ones from e-bay i had as a kid in a more adult size 


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To be honest it isn't really the club who need convincing on this one, but your fellow fans. If people continue to buy the replica shirts then no football club is going to turn down the cash. I've gone the same way as you. Retro shirts only from now on.

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On ‎19‎.‎3‎.‎2016 at 23:49, Will Hughes Hair said:

Just been chatting to Mrs WHH.  When the current deal finishes can we move to Puma?  My Wanchope top still wears better than my Hughes top from last year.

Plus the Leicester (away) and Arsenal (home) tops look fierce.

My kit from the Wanchope era is still fine and dandy too. Bring retro back Mr Morris, please.

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