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RIP Leanna, another true Ram has passed away.


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Am gutted by this news. A girl I knew, and always associate with Derby County has passed away.


When she was younger, about the turn of the century, she was a cleaner where I worked, at Ryder Systemcare in Sinfin. I’d regularly be sitting on the trap squeezing one out and suddenly hear the door open and music blasting out, as she waded in to clean the gents with her ghetto blaster blaring out. She was a great laugh and am saddened that she’s died at such a young age.

A few years later, I became a steward at Pride Park and she was a steward too. She was just as bonkers, just as entertaining, but importantly, just as warm and friendly. I hadn’t seen her in the last couple of years and have just discovered she has died.

I just hope she didn’t suffer a lot of pain.

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She went to my school. Was 2/3 school years younger than me... One of those people everyone seemed to recognise in Derby... Agreed Mostyn... She was certainly a walking ray of sunshine!



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