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Can Thorne and Eustace work together?


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We are conceding too many goals for my liking at the moment. 4-2-3-1 looked ok yesterday. Thorne and Eustace will project our back 4 while allowing our front 4 to attack and would allow hughes to roam finding the pockets just behind the striker. Neither Bryson or Hendrick are nailing down their spot in the team

         Maybe this



Shotton Keogh Albentosa Forsyth

               Thorne    Eustace

Ince           Hughes        Russell


Attacking version: 


Christie Keogh Albentosa Forsyth

         Thorne     Hughes

Ince        Martin     Russell


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You could have makelele and pirlo in there, but if your full back passes the ball unchallenged straight to an attacker in your own third, and your goalkeeper punches it into his own net, it doesn't matter who's there.

I do however agree that 4 2 3 1 is the way forward. It definitely worked last night for me, it gives the back four more protection but allows that third midfielder a lot more freedom which we saw last night. I think like you say it would be perfect to allow Hughes to roam. 

If we stay down I mentioned it before I really think we should go for Rohan Ince from Brighton and play him alongside Thorne in that two, I really think it would be affective and give us more of a physical presence needed in this league but he's also a good passer of the ball.

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