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The Apprentice


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Reckon Soloman (spelling?) the leader of the winning team tonight is decent, seems quite switched on and doesnt talk loads/sh*te. 


I rank it by, whoever talks the most is probably the stupidest/worst candidate.


As Denzel said in American Gangster - 'The loudest one in the room, is the weakest one in the room'

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Maybe it started off with decent applicants but after so many series, the best way to keep up the audience figures is to make them as stupid as possible and keep up the entertainment level that way. The one sensible candidate resigned last week, clearly fed up with it all.


I watch it because I just enjoy seeing them get their comeuppance one by one (or 3 by 3 as per last night). Lord Amstrad gets to play pantomime villain and I bet he loves it.


Let's face it, it would be so boring if they were all serious & credible candidates & would have been canned after the second series.


There must be some figure massaging along the way though. How can 1 team have a disaster and yet their figures normally end up very close to the winning team?. It doesn't ring true.

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