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Train plus tube tickets for Brentford away for sale


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I apologize in advance if this post is against the rules if it is delete straight away.


I'm trying to sell 2 train plus tube tickets for Brentford away I bought them well in advance of the match in expectation of getting some tickets but obviously I've found myself with no match tickets and train tickets for somewhere I don't fancy going to now. If anyone out there is interested the times for the train and tube are.


Derby 9.55 - Birmingham 10.27

Birmingham 11.30 - London Euston 12.55

London Euston 13.14 - Brentford 14.07


The return journey

Brentford 17.24 - London Euston 18.19

London Euston 18.43 - Birmingham 20.08

Birmingham 20.30 - Derby 21.24


At the moment these trains will cost

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There's 150 on the waiting list I went down yesterday when I went to get some Fulham tickets so the chances are less than slim. Apparently I'm not the only one in this situation according to the lad at the ticket office he was saying that there had been been people like me who booked trains in advance and also booked accommodation for the weekend who missed out to.

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