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Nottingham Pupils in Great Escape style break out


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Security has been tightened up at a Nottingham school after pupils used stolen cutlery to tunnel their way out in a Great Escape style incident.

Five students used knives, forks and spoons from the canteen to dig their way under a 15ft metal fence at the Djanogly City Academy.

All of the escapees are said to be under 14-years-old and have been "spoken to" about their bid for freedom, reports the Nottingham Post.

Acting headteacher Elaine Crookes said: "We can confirm that five pupils tried to leave the school at lunchtime by getting below the fence on the fields at our Gregory Boulevard site.

"We have spoken to the students concerned, and taken action to repair the hole.

"That part of the fence has also been reinforced. Our staff are supervising that area to ensure our students stay safe and in school."

In an email, assistant head Andy Roach asked staff to be on the lookout for more escape attempts.

Pupils aged under 16 are not allowed out of the grounds without permission during the day.

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Why not just walk out the front door?

Schools are all surrounded by security fencing and secure gates these days.

In case Rolf Harris tries to get in.

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