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Don Bradman Cricket 14


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Does it take three days to play one game ?


You can actually customize the formats of the matches you play as well. A Test match will take a few hours, but a T20 (or T10) doesn't take that long.

Good game.

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Been playing more matches on the game.

Certainly a very good game gameplay wise. A lot of fun through all the match types. The new bowling mechanics in the game actually make the bowling more fun than the batting to me, which is certainly something new to a cricket game as far as I'm concerned. They've removed the ol' "pitch market" style for a way of controlling the run up and delivery. You've really got to play it to get a feel for it though.

With the academy feature you can get the proper rosters and there are mods to fix the badges.

The creators are also actively fixing what few bugs it's got too. If you've got a PC with steam on it I'd highly recommend picking it up.

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