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True Detective


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I watched the first episode via On Demand last night, then decided to hunt down a stream to continue.


Watched another couple of episodes before deciding to crumble and go to bed. I will watch a couple more tonight.


It is pretty good so far. Matt McConaughey (sp?) is really intense, great acting.

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have now watched six episodes and cannot find anymore, so may be totally up to date.


I ain't got a clue what's coming, but the intensity in MM's character is gripping me at the moment. The story is a bit hard to stomach, but all in all, it's another quality programme, with excellent acting, production and direction.

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watched the 8th and final episode.


I have to admit, this is one of the best tv programmes I've ever watched. 8 episodes of excellent script. The acting and direction, and the set/sceneries were awesome, the casting magnificent.


I recommend this to anyone and everyone, you will not regret watching this. Amazing.

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