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Any MIG Welders?


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My portamig's shagged but I'm getting one tomorrow. Needed abit of advice, I'm welding a rear inner arch on a rally car but I'm trying to figure out the best way to hold it...

Clamps won't fit under so I'm going to have to hold it in place another way some how? I was thinking of riveting the plate on then tacking it, then running over it after...

What do you suggest? :lol:

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I wanted to help seeing as everyone has abandoned you with Mo55y and his pictures so I thought I'd Google it and try and educate myself and help one of my favourite members out.


I didn't find much information unfortunately but I was inspired to seriously look into this welding lark


"http://image.minitruckinweb.com/f/features/27197116/0511mt_02_z%2Bthe_best_minitruckin_issue_ever%2Bgirl_welding" alt="0511mt_02_z%2Bthe_best_minitruckin_issue">

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