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December games


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Arsenal fans feel so sorry for themselves.

Swansea. That's how I want us to go up. Best team in the Championship with obvious weakness (not a good enough strikeforce).

1 shopping trip later

Really good team difficult to beat.

You always knew that they were just about as good as half the PL. They just couldn't quite slog it out of this division.

Great to watch.

Horrible fans.

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They were quality today.. I watched the game and they comfortably kept possession better than Arsenal and had players running through the center.. The complete opposite to Arsenal who were rubbish.. They passed the ball everytime to the 18 yard box only to play it out wide to Gibbs on the overlap so he can cross it to no-one (Giroud wasn't even starting) so that the Swansea GK had an easy catch..

Swansea played a basic passing game that involved one twos and against a standing defence like Arsenals it was really effective.. It's no exageration to say Arsenals GK was MOTM and it could have easily been 0-5..

Also Swanseas starting 11 contained only 4 British players.. No wonder they can pass the ball so well when 7 of them are foreign.. Also notice how well Swansea build from the back.. Chico and Angel Rangel obviously help with that as they're not typical root one monsters..

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