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  1. Proposed changes to transfer window.

    I get that teams want to try and get there squad set for the season but surely cutting the transfer window by about a month is a massive mistake and is just going to lead to more clubs panicking at the last minute. There's talk of the EFL following suit and ending the transfer window before the season starts as well. How's that going to work when it kicks off a week earlier than the pl? Will pl clubs be able to sign players from EFL clubs after the window closes and not replace them? Or would the EFL have to have the same window in which case what's the point as the season has already started? We need to get back to the old system where you can sign anyone up until May, it's the best and fairest way. While I'm in full rant mode, who thought it would be a good idea to let the pl make their own rules separate from the rest of English football. They're obviously only going to make decisions that benefit themselves and it's just another way to keep the rich rich.

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