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  1. One thing I have noticed in the snippets we've seen from the training ground this week is how relaxed things seem to have been. Curtis's double nutmeg, races with big inflatable balls and other games means in pretty much every picture everyone has had a smile on their face. I was staunchly Cocu in until the last 2 games where I think the downturn in performances warranted a change. However I do wonder whether his training was a bit tactical and maybe getting everyone enjoying their football again will help to unlock some more adventurous performances
  2. Can't remember the last time I've been here but this week has finally got me to the point where I think we need to replace our manager. I was all for giving Cocu time to get players fit and recent games have seen an improvement but we just couldn't get that win to build confidence and seem to have regressed again over the last 2 matches and I just don't see how we turn it round withou getting someone new in. With a rare 2 week break for the new manager to get his ideas across before going back to 2 matches a week and time to assess the squad before January now needs to be the time we make chan
  3. My gut instinct was it was a pen, on second viewing I thought it would have been a bit soft but there was still contact. I can understamd people thinking it's not a penalty but it falls ino it falls in the category of seen them given and even upheld by VAR. For consistency I think it should have been given, the same reason if their goal was allowed ours should have stood too.
  4. Another improved performance, we're on the right track. I said in another thread earlier this week, we're on the wrong end of fine margins at the minute. Arguments against there goal and for our disallowed one. I also think we should have had a penalty early on against Lawrence, he was looking for it but there was contact. We're not getting the rub of the green at the minute but it'll come good soon.
  5. Still in for me. To turn this round it's not going to happen straight away, you've got to play yourself out of it with gradual improvements, imo we're starting to see that. 2 solid displays against Norwich and Watford and a first half last night that was more like we want to see. it was fine margins over the last 2 games that stopped us potentially picking up a possible point in each. The odd bits I've seen of us there's been nice play up until the final third where we come a bit stuck but the returning players should improve that. Lawrence made his first start of the season last n
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