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  1. Wasn’t too upset after the first goal, but that second goal just annoyed me.
  2. Been arguing with a Leeds fan who claimed the headbutt was “a brush to the belly” and was never a red. But apparently Huddlestone’s forearm to the neck was an assault. If you ever need a reason to hate Leeds, this is why.
  3. As much as it’s irritating that we didn’t get the pen and the headbutt didn’t get a red, these things happen in football and you just have to get over it. The truth of it is that Derby were poor today, the poorest I’ve seen us since Blackburn. The first half Leeds dominated but created nothing, the second half we begin brightly I thought but conceded from a well worked goal. After that we had bright sparks every once and a while but I think the decisions we didn’t get really de-moralised the players and eventually they slumped their way to the final whistle. I don’t trust our Away form enough to be confident, but we will have to take the game to Leeds which should hopefully bring us out of our shell a bit.
  4. Dissaponting that we conceded when it seemed like we were finally getting a hold on the game. Since the goal we’ve just lost what little confidence and composure we still had.
  5. Bristol City 1-1 Derby FRGS Marriott
  6. This is so nerve-wracking watching this game, this is such a good opportunity.
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