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  1. Derby 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday FRGS Lee Buchanan (90+8th minute)
  2. Jozwiak may have been scrutinised this season for his performances but I don’t think anyone has faltered him for lack of effort, which is more than we can say for Lawrence and Waghorn. Always puts in 100% and today he was really good.
  3. Jozwiak was really good, not sure why he was subbed off
  4. It has to be 4-4-2, surely Rooney isn’t stupid enough to start Waghorn on the right wing over Roberts.
  5. Swansea 3-0 Derby Morgan Whittaker hattrick
  6. Actually from what I’ve seen he’s from ‘Kinetic Foundation’, a football education programme which is based on London.
  7. Bardell is playing well. As is Thompson.
  8. To be fair it seems like everyone at the club was fed misinformation about the Sheikh Khaled takeover. Whole thing was a farce, I’m pretty sure Percy was only relayed information that the club also thought was true.
  9. Don’t live in Derby but would love to see this. Hopefully it gets coverage on sky sports, or is recognised by radio Derby.
  10. Something about this has really irked me. Imagine being so prideful, so arrogant, so big headed that you literally ignore any advice from the most experienced man you have supporting you. All just because you’re self conscious that the success of the team isn’t being considered 100% your success. That has to be it, right? That thread on here a few months back questioned whether this was Rooney’s team or McClaren’s. I think now we know the answer to that question. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt before with his bad luck with injuries, but now I realise Rooney doesn’t gi
  11. I feel that a lot of people are forgetting that our injury list has really screwed us and are just screaming Rooney out when in reality he’s been very unlucky. I mean, if Clarke or Edmundson get reinjured we might have to play Jordan Brown, who may end up being quality in the future but has no real senior experience. This just shows how bad our injury list (specifically at CB) has gotten. Now with Gregory, Stretton and Jozwiak (hopefully it’s not bad) out injured our attacking options are becoming more and more limited too. Bielik’s reoccurring knee injury was obviously very bad for us, altho
  12. Not sure why we changed the system despite Jozwiak’s injury. Surely Sibz could’ve filled in for Jozwiak and we’d have had a front three of Loz, Sibz and Roberts. The front three we had against Blackburn was much more dynamic, CKR has been anonymous lately. At least we created some half decent chances against Blackburn, against Preston N.E we created nothing.
  13. Bielik undoubtedly the best but I don’t think he’s played enough games to warrant an award, despite literally carrying us. Shinnie or Byrne possibly the most consistent performers.
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