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    Seaside Sam got a reaction from Premier ram in Is our support really that bad?   
    sheltered life?
  2. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to CocuCrazyCocuMad in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    You mean Dowell who was very good at Forest and is six games in at a new environment. And Paterson who was exciting at Bristol and has yet to really feature for Derby?
  3. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to Alpha in Derby fan for 40 years   
    I don't think effort is a problem. Who isn't trying? 
    Roos just looks young and excitable. Not assured but this is his crash course.
    Bogle, Keogh, Lowe, Malone, Davies? They seem to give the effort. Malone plays like he's having adrenaline pumped into him. If anything he needs some chill.
    Bielik, Clarke? I don't see a lack of effort. They look like good players that need to be in a settled side that isn't putting them under constant pressure to defend and create attacks. 
    Huddlestone? I just don't think his legs will carry him. 
    Dowell, Jozefzoon? Just look unable to play at this level to any effect. 
    Lawrence puts in effort but he seriously thinks he's far better than he is. 
    Bennett? Again like Malone he has no chill. He thinks his pace and power are enough to solve anything. They ain't. 
    Waghorn? He grafts but with his hopeless first touch, lack of final third pressure by the team he's finding himself chased out of town. Very rare does he get the defenders worried about him. He's defending the ball!
    Marriott. What can he do? He wants to feed off final third pressure. Look for killer passes to latch on to. His making do with scraps. 
    I'd blame a lack of appreciation of each others game before lack of effort. We are asking our defenders to do two thirds of the match while the likes Dowell look lost. Lawrence thinks he can duck about on his own, Jozefzoon is scared, Paterson and Bennett are kick and chase and are waiting for sticks to be thrown. Waghorn and Marriott just want to face the other way. 
    And while we ask the backline to defend like Nesta and create like David Luiz we offer them a statue of Huddlestone as protection 
    Hopefully Cocu can fix it.
    To be honest I feel sorry for a good few of the players because they either can't get on the pitch because donkeys keep playing or they have to do their own job and clean up everyone else's poo
    Keogh, Lowe, Bogle, Bielik, Clarke, Malone... these are players who are defenders asked to do far too much imo.
  4. Haha
    Seaside Sam got a reaction from KCG in Damned   
    Well said kiddo.
  5. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to Chester40 in Scott Malone   
    Thought Malone did nothing at all wrong defensively yesterday. Didn't lose his man, didn't allow many crosses in...and in fact stepped in front of the attacker several times and started the attack.
    First half he stayed wide and was an outlet and then gave Lawrence the ball who had just reverted to type from Mon and drifted into traffic or just gave it back to him.
    Second half he seemed to lose that option of a man in front of him to pass to...he had the length of the pitch to patrol on his own. He complained fairly about having no one to pass to and few fans got on his back. After a misplaced pass a fan had another go so he shouted back at him. Frustrated fans couldn't see what was obvious, he had no real options. Unfortunately his head went a bit then and he lost his way...but really feel fans having a go were pointing the finger in the wrong direction. He is a left back, not a wing back and he did a good job generally.
  6. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to Premier ram in Scott Malone   
    Thought Malone and Bogle both did well last night against very quick and direct wingers , both also supported the attacks when they could , worked very hard for the team , well done lads
  7. Haha
    Seaside Sam got a reaction from Boycie in Four new signings before the window closes   
    you ain't seen nothin yet   (sorry)
  8. Cheers
    Seaside Sam reacted to Hector was the best in So what do we expect this season   
    Sorry, I think with the current crop of players, we will be lucky to finish in the top half. Hope I am wrong though.
  9. Angry
    Seaside Sam reacted to Andicis in Suggestions for the next Derby manager   
    Because most managers in world football only really have one style of play, regardless of the players they have. Hence why Rowett's style was exactly the same from Birmingham to Derby, he even wouldn't play Will Hughes.
    Danny Cowley is a hoof ball manager, we don't have the squad to play his style of play, so it's more logical he'd want to change all of our playing staff, therefore we have another 2 years of rebuilding dross. Whereas if we get a footballing manager, we have a decent base for them to work off. 
  10. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Suggestions for the next Derby manager   
    Still should be wassell for me....the best win rate in recent years when he took over a few years ago,would cost us nowt, which would leave money to spend on the squad,knows the club and the academy inside out and had the under 23's playing in the same style as the first team so we would have some continuity.
    I know everyone wants a shiny big name but its got us nowhere,so why not promote from within,esp as darren has several years more experience under his belt.
  11. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to Slim charles in Tom Lawrence   
    Maybe I'm in the minority but I really rate Lawrence,  granted he has had a few shocking games but I think there is serious talent there
  12. Clap
    Seaside Sam reacted to Raich Van Carter in Tom Lawrence   
    I think the reason is that people get frustrated is that Lawrence is capable of more than he (regularly) shows whereas Camara, etc were more obviously 'triers'. At times, Lawrence is class and at others he's a lazy, stroppy git (or at least appears to be). I want to like him, I really do but he does himself no favours at times with his body language and general lack of trying to get into the game. He does track back quite well but I do think he needs to impose himself more on games.
    Frank and the players like him (as a lad and a player) and that goes a long way for me as they see other sides of him than we do.
    As someone said, there's a reason he's not at a Prem club but was an expensive Championship player and I guess it's his inconsistency. He's not 19, he's 24 (I think) so really starts to need to add to his game. There's quality in him for sure, just need to see it more often. Hence the frustration.
  13. Clap
    Seaside Sam reacted to Papahet in Tom Lawrence   
    Deeply sorry for his loss, but let’s be honest..he’s been poor since signing bar half a dozen games.
    Looks a different player to the one I saw at Ipswich 
  14. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to Srg in Tom Lawrence   
    People expect top end Premier League consistency out of creative players, not realising that a) we're not in the Premier League b) the level of consistency expected from creative players doesn't exist in this league over long periods and c) it's his job to try and make things happen, which may not always come off and he may make a wrong decision from time to time doing so. Every team in this division would want Tom Lawrence,
  15. Haha
    Seaside Sam reacted to Stedcfc in Tom Lawrence   
    Can’t quite understand why Tom gets so much stick. Some of our fans seem to be very odd when it comes to wingers.
    Tom Ince and Tom Lawrence get loads of stick despite good goal and assist records whilst players like Abdoul Camara have songs sung about them when they did absolutely bugger all here.
    Tom Lawrence is twice the player Josefzoon is for starters based on current players.
  16. Cheers
    Seaside Sam reacted to Nuwtfly in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Atmosphere outside the ground was amazing. Was surprised by the state of it inside. 
    Think the second half atmosphere was dictated by the scoreline, though (especially the second goal). All well and good to wag your finger at those in the stands, but we're human beings. We react to what we see. People around me were just straight out gutted. Some even were from the moment they saw the teamsheet...
  17. Cheers
    Seaside Sam reacted to Nick_Ram in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Another "I'm a better fan than you thread..."
  18. Like
    Seaside Sam got a reaction from archram in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    unusual on this site i know!
  19. Clap
    Seaside Sam got a reaction from AndyinLiverpool in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    tell you what lets just score more than them over two legs eh
  20. Clap
    Seaside Sam got a reaction from Mafiabob in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    tell you what lets just score more than them over two legs eh
  21. Like
    Seaside Sam got a reaction from Shorty389 in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    tell you what lets just score more than them over two legs eh
  22. Clap
    Seaside Sam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in The 'Bounce'   
    The one I wish we just ducked off is the Collymore chant. It's embarrassing, irrelevant, distasteful and offers nothing to the team.
  23. Sad
    Seaside Sam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in The 'Bounce'   
    I'm sorry, but if your kid asked you what 'banker' meant, surely you'd go for it meaning 'idiot' rather than explaining what it actually entails? The actual meaning makes its use as a pejorative seem ridiculous. 
  24. Cheers
    Seaside Sam reacted to Asheville Ram in The 'Bounce'   
    I mentally swear every time I read garbage like this.
  25. Clap
    Seaside Sam reacted to SaintRam in The 'Bounce'   
    Because David wants to have one, and it's his forum. I wouldn't have one. 
    Words have lots of meanings - swear words have LOADS. Tell them one that isn't sexual. Not difficult. Unlikely a 6 year old is going to hear a swear word used in a sexual context. 
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