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    KCG reacted to Grumpy Git in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    At least I really know I need to have that extra pint (or three) before I go to into the ground.
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    KCG reacted to timmo in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    I cant understand why we start home games so slowly. When we go away home teams are putting pressure on us from the 1st minute.  We start home games with such a lack of intensity it gives the opposition a foothold in the game and gives them confidence. We didn't start playing until we were 1 0 down 
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    KCG reacted to Grumpy Git in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Is Marriott on £5,000 a week with a £500,000 bonus if he plays more than 45 minutes?
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    KCG reacted to GenBr in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    At least we were relegated from the Prem and not promoted from League 1 to start this run. We also have the joint record with Ipswich for most championship playoff appearances (both have 8). We are also joint wirh Ipswich for most failures in the playoffs (7), so look on the bright side we only need one more season and we could net another couple of records for ourselves. 
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    KCG got a reaction from IslandExile in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Why oh why wasn't he on earlier?
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    KCG reacted to Van De Squid in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Should be at least 5 mins injury time
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    KCG reacted to Van Cone De Head in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Please start Jack Marriott 
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    KCG reacted to dcfcreece1601 in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    What a surprise Marriott scores he deserves better than us
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    KCG reacted to Rampage in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    That is why marriott must start. 2-1
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    KCG reacted to therealhantsram in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Well I think there was actually a lot to like there. But Brizzle very solid and well drilled defensively. Hard for us to break down. 
    All our good play undone by a lucky miskick from Palmer for the first goal and howler from Malone for the second. 
    This game is probably out of reach now. But nothing to panic about. Plenty of good signs. 
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    KCG reacted to Millenniumram in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    And again, two goals for Bristol entirely of our own making. Scott malone you total moron
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    KCG reacted to Millenniumram in Looking forward to a great sporting day in Derby tomorrow   
    Cricket? I’d rather watch the insect for 5 days than that so called sport....👀
    You lot can have that one so long as have the win in the football.... fairs fair like
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    KCG reacted to RadioactiveWaste in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    It's to avoid paying Peterborough eleventy squillion pounds #ITK
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    KCG reacted to Cam the Ram in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Is Marriott constantly being on the bench a long running joke by Derby that we aren't in on?
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    KCG reacted to RamNut in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    For me, the first thing we need is a midfield prepared to work harder; to press; to get the ball back quickly; and to push up in support of the attacking players. None of lawrence, dowell, jozefzoon, evans or huddz seem to be natural 'ratters' but perhaps 'ratting' isn't the dutch way? 
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    KCG reacted to RamNut in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    Um.... After watching the full 90 i had the opposite reaction. We battled but we faded away quickly and thereafter we played like a rowett team - standing off them, conceding possession and trying to keep our shape. If waggy had finished off the gilt edged chance that marriott and jozefzoon created it would have been a classic rowett counter attacking performance. On the other hand, a soft penalty got us a point which we only just about deserved.
    Pleased to see cocu prepared to make a change at half time but against stoke's narrow diamond, our wingers should have been well placed to cause trouble. Why didn't they? we were too deep and too passive. We didn't have possession. Shifting to three at the back and moving lawrence central made no real difference. Clarke and bielik were exposed by pace for their second. The only productive change was marriott for lawrence. Giving up on the two wingers after 45 minutes was some statement, but both stayed on. Lawrence playing centrally still couldn't get into the game and jozefzoon at left wing back was bizarre. Preferring jozefzoon to Malone was a slap unless there was another reason for the change. 
    Overall, it was disappointing especially after that electric start. Huddlestone and evans don't give the platform for a possession based attacking game. They seem to concede territory and possession. I'd rather see bielik and shinnie or knight v bristol. 
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    KCG reacted to wyschtonram in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Here you go!

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    KCG reacted to G-Ram in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    I think Strupar was our best natural finisher... He just hardly played because he was always injured. If he'd have stayed fit he'd have played at a higher level than us. Just always seemed to score 
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    KCG reacted to Patrick Rams in Best forward line you've seen play for Derby   
    Being an old fogie and lucky enough to attend all 42 matches in 1971/1972 Championship season means I've got to go for the 3 "H"s.... O'Hare Hector Hinton.Though the trio of George Hector Lee were England's best 4 years later.Was I spoilt back then? You bet!
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    KCG reacted to TibshelfRam in Tonight's moan in   
    I have to confess that I very rarely listen to Radio Derby (nothing to do with the quality, more to do with the fact that, if I'm not at the game it is usually because I am too busy to be tuned into the wireless).
    But, I take @Mostyn6's point - the quality may be found wanting at times and we can all pick fault with it. But what is it that they say about familiarity breeding contempt? (Well, they say precisely that, as it happens).
    I remember watching a fly on the wall documentary detailing Reading's most recent Premier League season (under Brian McDermott and then Nigel Adkins - the fact that you can't remember them being there tells you all that you need to know). But throughout the documentary, the match footage was regularly commentated on by BBC Radio Berkshire. As was the after match analysis and the pre-match insight and the like.
    All I'll say is that if you think Radio Derby and Ramage are bad, then you ain't heard nothing. The guy from BBC Radio Berkshire really did put the 'berk' in Berkshire. It was hideously, cringeworthingly bad and he gave the distinct impression that, not only did he know nothing about football, but that he actually doesn't even like football - I could imagine him being the kind of bloke that I'd be introduced to and then sit in silence next to after asking him who he supports, only for him to say, 'I'm more of a rugger fan, to be honest'.
    Anyway, we could have it worse. That's my point.
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    KCG reacted to Mostyn6 in Tonight's moan in   
    This gets me every time!
    People should be grateful for what they've got, and whilst there's always room for improvement, be careful what you wish for. 
    I recommend listening to some of the other local coverage around the country, it's abysmal.
    We have been blessed at Derby to have really good presenters and summarisers, and there will always be those you prefer. I used to love Ian Hall and thought his analysis was brilliant, and given the time he'd been out of the game, his insight was spot on and it was very hard to find any mistake he made. As a double act, his knowledge covered Graham Richards bluster and eccentricity, but I can recall listeners criticising him!
    I remember Ted McMinn and Ross Fletcher, which, knowing Ted, I couldn't believe he never swore on air!!! Ross was a great professional.
    Colin Bloomfield was almost bullied, criticised for his "camp" voice live on radio! Think he worked with both Dean Sturridge and Gary Rowett. Studge was slated for being negative, even though we were dismal as a team.
    Roger Davies was the one I didn't want to listen to, as he said one thing on the radio and a different thing in private (off-air) which made me feel he was highly disingenuous!
    As for Ramage, I think he's great. His vocabulary is limited, but that isn't enough to hang him! He describes what he sees pretty well IMO and he is honest and will say what he thinks. It annoys me that it's not what I want to hear, but that's because I want Derby County to be better than what we are and have been. Dawes in my opinion is the one that might need to raise his professionalism. Whilst I think the ploy is to be "lads" and relate to the lads that are listening, sometimes it's a bit churlish and not funny, others it does make me laugh. IN commentary and punditry terms, the current set up is very good. 
    I find it amusing though that people are held by different standards. "I'm allowed to be negative and call Derby rubbish, but you're not!"
  22. Sad
    KCG reacted to ilkleyram in Tonight's moan in   
    I don't have a beard to stroke, nor do I drink real ale or theorise about football on fan forums (read my posts for confirmation of that if you would like a good nights sleep), my family would collapse in laughter at the thought of anyone describing me as an intellectual and I've never before been accused of being a snob.  Otherwise Orphanram, your description of me is pretty nailed on. I do read books.
    Those defending Ramage on Radio Derby, have all used similar expressions - "I'm not suggesting he's brilliant at what he does....."; he's a Derby lad; he has passion; he's not very eloquent.   I've no idea whether he's thick or not as you suggest.  
    I'm a Derby lad too. I have also lived and worked for some years in Watford. I'm passionate about our team. That doesn't make me a candidate for the role of football pundit and analyst on Radio Derby. I would have thought that eloquence is pretty high up on the list of qualities on the job spec for such a role (if it's not it should be) and I just think that Radio Derby can do better or should help him to do better.  Chris Coles was better last night; Ed Dawes might be better too without Ramage's natural approach to broadcasting. What's wrong with wanting 'brilliant'?
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    KCG reacted to ilkleyram in Tonight's moan in   
    I watched both Eric Steele and Craig Ramage play for us and there is no doubt that Craig had the greater natural footballing talent in his own position.
    Listening to the moan in tonight and you can only conclude that Eric has not only overtaken Craig but left him behind 30 years ago, in the position of football pundit and analyst. Tonight was a genuinely interesting listen, because Eric was there, unlike the usual puerile nonsense. Even the Chris Coles sounded like a proper broadcaster
    Craig lad, stay in Skegness if that's really where you are. Radio Derby - bust whatever bank you have and replace him with Eric Steele.
  24. COYR
    KCG reacted to SaintRam in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    Enjoy Cocu's candour in the press conference regarding Paterson; saying the coaching staff had a meeting with him to discuss the way Bristol train, prepare etc. 
    We should have thought ahead and picked up a loanee from every club. Missed opportunity. 😄 
  25. Haha
    KCG reacted to TibshelfRam in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    I can give you a 749 slide powerpoint presentation to counter your argument, can't I, Marcelo?

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