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  1. Rowett

    I said promising not established.. Also about the small pot, he has had to reduce the wage bill considerably to allow himself to bring in his own players, a task that none of the other managers have had to deal with. Whilst doing this he has got us to second in the league! And we are still in a play off position... You cannot tell me that they were your expectations before the start of the season.
  2. Dissertation research

    You're smart you are
  3. Dissertation research

    Wont let me on?
  4. Rowett

    I am sick of this Circle Jerk between you an @RoyMac5... Kills me that you are so anti Rowett, we have one of the most promising young British managers in the game, yet due to the fact that the football is always entertaining you want rid. How can you justify calling for his head given the positions we have been in for the majority of the season, and to think it is his full season at the club, with a small pot to piss in when it comes to budget
  5. Boring Sports

  6. Would you rather........

    That sounds like a Russian Informative to me.... Where's Piers Morgan when you need him!
  7. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Well that is true, I would never have GCSE or BTEC after my name.
  8. Would you rather........

    Somebody stop Putin quick - rigging the votes!
  9. Moaninho

    Get your coat..
  10. Southampton - Mark Hughes

    Absolutely hate this appointment
  11. Southampton - Mark Hughes

    Devastating - sideways/backwards move...
  12. Player / Fan connection

    Not many players that are willing to do that any more - they all seem more interested on looking good. Far too flat
  13. Jordan Graham

    Looks like the love child of Ince and Olsson.
  14. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    Yes, when they are looking in the mirror with their 6 fingers and webbed feet.
  15. Mauricio Pellegrino

    About time really - I follow Southampton closely, really decent side with lots of quality in it. It's so frustrating when you watch them as you can see that the team want to play differently to how they are being told. Almost itching to run forward at every opportunity. I think it really must show how poor they have been when an opposing manager (Guardiaola) was screaming at Redmond for not attacking the way he had seen him do previously. I think if Marco Silva had the job he could genuinely put them in a really decent position in the prem, although the even more negative Mark Hughes is being linked. Really hope that they do not go down.

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