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  1. Mr Giggles

    Mason Bennett

    Who would you suggest? Interesting thought there.
  2. Mr Giggles

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    The lad tries as hard as he possibly can to make an impression in the limited time he gets on the field. You can see the desperation in his play. Couldn't be further from the truth saying that he is a dud. seems like a hard working lad that will get goals when given the chance, he hasn't really had the chance hence the reason he has no goals. He will come good eventually, he just needs to relax. He has time on his side so shouldn't worry about not making an instant impact. The time will come for him.
  3. Mr Giggles

    Mason Bennett

    I think Keogh is the current holder for the most threads ever made about a player. But yes agree with the numbers you are giving me here.
  4. Mr Giggles

    Mason Bennett

    I'm just on my way to start another Mason Bennett thread if that's ok?
  5. Mr Giggles

    Baked Beans

    Foul stuff them beans...
  6. Mr Giggles


    Thanks for putting that all in caps, would have missed it otherwise.
  7. Mr Giggles


    I still cannot get over the fact that fans were booing him in his appearance against county in pre season. Best for him and the club if we move him on now, the fans here are toxic due to things that he had said when he left on loan to Sheff Wednesday. I for one can admit that we interpreted what he said incorrectly. There is definitely a decent player in there, hopefully he can get cracking in the right system for a decent manager.
  8. Mr Giggles

    Will Hughes on Rowett

    Exactly, especially when you look at other midfielders that we were linked with after Will had gone, Whelan is the one that springs to mind... It makes me sick just a little bit.
  9. Mr Giggles

    Will Hughes on Rowett

    "Choosing football over Tennis" yeah, i'm sure it really was a hard choice that. In all seriousness, decent read and still upset to not see the lad in a Debry shirt, glad he is getting a decent crack in the prem though.
  10. Mr Giggles

    Bolton face Administration

    Ridiculous how the EFL have now just started threatening with the 12 point deductions where ever they please. The rules NEED to be clearer for the future, clubs are just making a mockery of the whole system at the minute.
  11. Mr Giggles

    Cat thread

    Here's my little one, sassy little bugger I tell you... Need to shave rest of his fur off though.
  12. Mr Giggles

    David Nugent

    David Nugent... What a guy!
  13. Mr Giggles

    Max Lowe - joined Aberdeen on loan until Jan

    Rampage... What a guy!
  14. Mr Giggles

    Walk Out Music

    Can't Stop - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  15. Mr Giggles

    Kellan Gordon

    Has he gone out on loan as well?

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