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  1. Mr Giggles

    Ashley Cole

    I don't think he would come out and say " I am better than Marcelo" on the other hand...
  2. Mr Giggles


    I'm not convinced that both of these are dogs..... Probably me and my bad eyes though..
  3. Mr Giggles

    Ashley Cole

    Not sure how much he would be earning in the MLS to be fair, I know they have wage caps over there that they have to abide to. Would be a good option for a deal until the end of the season, hopefully if this is true the added experience at the back could be vital to the current youngsters growth and that is the most important thing. I worry however though that this is the lazy link put out there. Not sure what he is like to have around the dressing room, can't be too bad to have stuck around for this long. 7/10 would be my rating if he were to join. Not that my opinion matters.
  4. Mr Giggles

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    You are Harry Redknapp, where is my fiver?
  5. Mr Giggles

    David Nugent

    Nugent Out. Winnall In.
  6. Mr Giggles

    Jacob Butterfield

    I think that's just the way that his body language comes across, never disliked the bloke. I remember being at Notts County away in preseason when he came on, a huge wave of boos came over him before some fans started to question themselves as to why they were doing it. For some reason the fans have gone against him because of comments that were made when he joined Sheff Wednesday on loan. Never really understood the hate to be honest.
  7. There's far too many of you invading this page now...
  8. Mr Giggles

    January 2019 transfers thread

    Cannot believe that 1 goal earns you a 19m pound switch. Talented young lad but the money is rather high.
  9. Mr Giggles

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Jermain Defoe can leave Bournemouth. Perhaps sign him on loan if Nugent leaves?
  10. Mr Giggles

    Martyn Waghorn

    I rate Waghorn to be honest. Always puts a shift in offensively and defensively, supporting Bogle more than Wilson does. Despite the low amount of goals, as many people have said, we were playing our best football whilst he was in the team. There are always going to be people that have digs and there's nothing you can do about that. Players split opinion all the time. In my opinion, he always gives it his all no matter what. If the goals were at a steady rate we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  11. Mr Giggles

    Disabled Seating.

    Just a quick one, mods feel free to move the thread if needed. I'm looking at going to the Bristol game next weekend with a few of my friends. One of the lads that wants to come is in a wheelchair, I have had a quick look on the website and couldn't find out where seats are that are wheelchair accessible. Is this something that someone can tell me? Appreciate it.
  12. Mr Giggles

    Notts County sack Harry Kewell

    Sacked him when they were bottom of the table, brought in Kewell who took them all the way to one place above the relegation and then sacked him.
  13. Mr Giggles

    Notts County sack Harry Kewell

    Phil Brown to take over I reckon.
  14. Mr Giggles

    Ronan Curtis

    hahaha true.
  15. Mr Giggles

    Snake City watch

    No, if you look into it, it's just a strong connection with dads army.

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