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  1. Mr Giggles

    Notts County sack Harry Kewell

    Sacked him when they were bottom of the table, brought in Kewell who took them all the way to one place above the relegation and then sacked him.
  2. Mr Giggles

    Notts County sack Harry Kewell

    Phil Brown to take over I reckon.
  3. Mr Giggles

    Ronan Curtis

    hahaha true.
  4. Mr Giggles

    Snake City watch

    No, if you look into it, it's just a strong connection with dads army.
  5. Mr Giggles

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    I'd prefer to have Martyn in there, his ability to track back is exceptional.
  6. Mr Giggles

    Ronan Curtis

    He has put on his twitter that he doesn't understand what all the rumours are about.
  7. Mr Giggles

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    You're welcome - Chael Sonnen
  8. Mr Giggles

    We could have the pick of the litter in January

    Were we ever actually reported to be going in for Ampadu? One that I would consider having, although it is a push as we already have quality defenders, do we need to bloat the squad even more? The only position that I think we need cover for would be goalkeeper, I don't believe that Roos would be good enough to step in if Carson was to get injured. However I am happy to be proved wrong.
  9. Mr Giggles

    Biggest waste of money

    Gary Rowett's contract? Having said that, we did end up getting 2 mil for him
  10. Mr Giggles

    Weak Wingers

    Sorry to disappoint, he left us in the summer. I too was gutted to see him go 😉
  11. Mr Giggles

    Ones That Got Away

    James McClean
  12. Mr Giggles

    Same old story

    You are Mel Morris. Where is my fiver.
  13. Mr Giggles

    Ones That Got Away

    Will Hughes
  14. Mr Giggles

    You know, I think they like it here

    I actually think that he would do that, he always seems to back the manager. He loves this club.
  15. Mr Giggles

    Mason Bennett

    Who would you suggest? Interesting thought there.

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