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  1. Out of curiosity, is The Yard a decent pub? Always question it as I walk by and would like to try it at some point. Just wanted to get a feeling of what the others on here though about it? Looks well kept and never heard any trouble in or around it.
  2. Don't know if this deserves it's own thread due to him only being an on loan player but Mount is linked with Bournemouth for next season... Gutted if we don't get a chance to have him on loan again next season.
  3. Fifa 20 comes out later this year if you want signings like these...
  4. Meaning he has the right attitude perhaps? Would be interesting to see him play again, personally not too sure about what he would offer though.
  5. Curtis Davies reckons he's the most talented player he has ever played with. Would it be a bad signing?
  6. We all know that this isn't true, Leeds are always so hard done to! The authorities have an agenda to ensure they don't get back to the prem, it's not their fault!
  7. I don't think he is wrong in what he is saying. Lineker does need to be told in my opinion, irritating bloke.
  8. I think Billy should get his own thread really, it's a strange reality for him which is an interesting topic for us to discuss.
  9. Whilst this is true, it is hard to find any player readily available on loan that is as good as or better than Barnes. They have been shafted in a way, much like us with Ibe. But anything that weakens any rival is good news to us.
  10. Pinnington or Pennington? Seems a decent enough player to cover centre back from what I have seen of him to be fair
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