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  1. Agree... reminds me of someone else who had a few good seasons..Took Bradford City up to the Premier League and kept them there...took little Wigan up to the Premier League and kept them there...then became our manager and was an unmitigated disaster.One of our ex players has just won his third promotion of his short career with Bolton Wanderers.Another manager 10 miles down the road took over a team absolutely rock bottom .. brought in 12 new players within a couple of days and totally smashed it and kept them up with ease.Is there any certainties or guarantees in football? Nope but in my opi
  2. Yep...just like that fantastic 3-3 draw V Wednesday in the FA Cup quarter final...1993? Would have been brilliant in the stadium today.
  3. Fan base? Really? 5 years ago our average was 29,500.. 'Massive' Leeds was 21,000...Our lowest crowd was 26,000 whilst Leeds was down to 17,000!That was when we were both bang average Championship clubs before Leeds recent upturn.And Leeds is a massive city 3 times the size of Derby...the biggest one club city in the country.What does fan base matter if they don't bother turning up.
  4. Thank you Josh regarding Leeds! They are continuously stated to be a 'Big club'.Yet only 4 or five seasons ago before the bit of an upturn in their fortunes our average attandence was over 29,000...'Big club's Leeds were averaging 21,000.Our LOWEST crowd was 26,000 whilst Leeds were sometimes down to 16-17,000.And Leeds as a city is more than 3 times bigger than Derby.As the biggest one club city in the country Leeds are a terribly supported team.Its about time this myth of them being a massive club is kicked into touch.
  5. Yet out of all those clubs in the Championship this season we have attracted the biggest average attandence for at least the last ten seasons.
  6. If Brentford had signed Marriott and we'd had signed Toney you could guarantee Marriott would have scored 25 goals for the Bees and Toney would have struggled to score about 6 goals for us.. he'd have been played out of position...he'd have been in and out of the team and our fans would be complaining about our recruitment process.
  7. Yep... just like it's possible to play a round of golf course with a score of 18.. it's possible but highly unlikely.
  8. Absolutely well said! He plays up front at international level with one of the best players in the world and scored a fantastic goal against one of the best teams in the world...yet according to 'Fans' on here he is supposed to be 'poo'? Dowell scored today.. supposed to be poo...Malone scored today.. supposed to be poo.. Whittaker scored today he's supposed to be poo also..some on here need to seriously give their heads a wobble.
  9. Eh? You seriously wanted him to stay previous to this game?I didn't want him anywhere near my club even as a player.. Absolutely shocking decision to sign him.
  10. Only one man for the job after seeing the incredible turnaround in results down the A38...Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank's Derby County has a great ring to it!
  11. I'm guessing you failed your Maths O levels??
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