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  1. Watching the highlights back and absolutely gutted for the lad that the goalie made a great save from that chance near the end that would probably have given us all 3 points and Max himself loads more confidence to shoot more from good positions.Can't wait to see how he develops over the next 18 months or so.
  2. Agree about Zoon...when you think of the excellent players Brentford have developed and sold on over the last few years I'm sure there must be a decent player in there somewhere.
  3. "A FEW ball playing centre backs"? How many do you reckon we need?
  4. Yet we got him from Brentford? All the excellent players they've developed and sold on over the last few years I was very pleased when we signed him.I still reckon there's a player in there somewhere.
  5. Absolutely well said...I tuned in as usual...no explanation whatsoever.Even ITV regarding far more serious circumstances explained why they were pulling Love Island.The BBC have basically shoved up two fingers to thousands of regular listeners.Disgraceful way to treat licence payers.
  6. Should Craig Ramage have said what he did? Definitely not.Do I think Craig Ramage is racist? Definitely not.
  7. I too absolutely loved the BBG...I've only been back once just to see what it's like now..I found it quite difficult to get my bearings.And I actually shed a few tears..not just for the building itself but what it represented...Two league titles... fantastic European nights..and the stark realisation that it probably will never happen again...gone forever.But what I couldn't stop thinking about on that visit...may sound daft...is that in the middle of someone's lounge in one of the houses now standing there...is the exact position on earth of the penalty spot from which Alan Hinton missed against Juventus in the European Cup semi final second leg...and where in front of millions of MOTD viewers the groundsman had to run into the pitch and restore that same penalty spot so we could take the penalty and so beat Manchester City 4-0...... that exact spot is now probably covered by a coffee table ...and the householders probably don't even know.! Told you it was daft!
  8. Didn't you say a few days ago he was the best full back in the league? Although he's got loads of potential he's clearly far from that I think you'll concede now.
  9. Brilliant? We barely had a shot on goal.Some people are very easily pleased.
  10. Sounds about right...but Norwich is in... Norfolk!🤷
  11. You'd have thought Borussia Dortmund would have a very good youth set up!
  12. Fans of virtually every club in this league would disagree with you.Bogle has made horrendous mistakes this season. You sound incredibly biased.
  13. Stoke 0 Millwall 0.... The most surprising scoreline if the season! 🤷
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