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  1. Patrick Rams

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    What about the wider issues this incident may present? This apparently is normal behaviour in Argentina. . What else of a more serious nature could be considered ' normal' in Argentina? We all know the bribing of officials was rife in Italy a few years ago which resulted in top clubs being relegated.
  2. Patrick Rams

    Vs Southampton home (Matchday thread).

    Really? Ok!
  3. Patrick Rams

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Strange cos BBC reporter on final score stated categorically that Rams deserved the points.
  4. Patrick Rams

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Did you ask why they had this policy?
  5. Patrick Rams

    1 Loan Signing

    According to Chelsea Danny Drink water is surplus to requirements.
  6. Patrick Rams

    Lee Camp

    100% correct.
  7. Patrick Rams

    Lee Camp

    100% correct! It's ridiculous the way he is slagged off on here.He's a thoroughly decent keeper and thoroughly decent guy.He is a top class professional footballer who's had a very good career.
  8. Patrick Rams

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

  9. Patrick Rams

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Yea really felt for the lad...it would have been great for him to get 15 minutes on the pitch when 4-0 up.His little face showed his disappointment.
  10. Patrick Rams

    Lack of love for some players why?

    Definitely don't agree Franny Lee was more popular than Charlie George!
  11. Patrick Rams

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Brilliant....couldn't happen to a nicer turncoat! Out the door by Christmas?
  12. Patrick Rams


    What was the score? This was my first ever Rams match..I was 2 days old!
  13. Patrick Rams

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Oh No they're not! Millwall last minute equalizer !
  14. Patrick Rams

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    No points and only one goal V teams in the bottom half( and they'll most likely finish there) is very worrying and needs to be addressed and quickly. But people saying we've no chance of finishing in the top six are way off the mark in my opinion. Before these 3 away games if we had been offered a mediocre win..a draw..and a defeat...most fans would have turned up their noses..yet such a modest return would see us now sitting pretty at the top of the league.I reckon Frank and Jodie will learn the harsh realities of this league before long and set teams up accordingly.In the meantime perhaps we should adopt Frankies style at PP and Rowettball away? Just a suggestion!
  15. Patrick Rams

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    I was there as well Steve brummie....if I remember rightly we scored a fantastic free kick in thst game as well from a certain Mr Dave Mackay?

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