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  1. It wasn't like he was splitting open defences at will though was it ๐Ÿ˜„. We didn't really create any chances all game apart from the goal.
  2. Here's the League table starting at Rooney's first game in charge.
  3. Were not going to create many chances with only 2 recognised attackers on the pitch. We need to sacrifice one of Evans, Knight or Shinnie for Sibley or Waghorn. Also bring on Forsyth for Buchanan. Otherwise just hope for another disgusting set piece goal and grab another 1-0 win.
  4. He's good defensively but none of the midfield offer much attacking wise. We're going to rely massively on the wing backs and Jozwiak today to create chances because I can't see any other creativity in the line up.
  5. I agree, Hughes had a good couple of seasons at Watford but no where near the level we all thought he'd be. I actually think Hendrick has become a better player than Hughes so far since they left Derby.
  6. I agree, as much as I like Shinnie and Knight, with a 4-3-3 you need the two CM's to be comfortable in possession and chip in with goals/assists/through balls etc. Shinnie and Knight are better out of possession in games when we don't have a lot of the ball, which is why I think we seem to play better against the top teams.
  7. Yes he could improve his end product and he probably will, but he has to play. We don't have any other players who can carry the ball up the pitch like he does, no other attacker with anywhere near his amount of pace. There are many other players I'd start criticising before I got to him.
  8. For some reason I thought I remembered him having a 20+ goal season for Rangers, but just checked and it never happened. No idea where I've got that from๐Ÿ˜…
  9. Wanchope left in 1999 Of course you put yourself up front Chris๐Ÿ˜†
  10. I couldn't think of any other Right Back. He did play in a world cup๐Ÿ˜†
  11. Probably could have made the bench but I think Hendrick has improved more than Hughes since leaving Derby
  12. What's the best Derby XI who weren't necessarily in there prime when they played for Derby but still played for us at some point. Imagine a team of former/current Derby players but you could have them at any point in there career, not just when they played for us. I've said 21st Century because it would just be the 70's team otherwise. Here's mine. Subs: Kenny Miller, Jack Butland, Darren Moore, Jeff Hendrick, Stephen Warnock, Jesse Lingard, Omar Mascarell, Darren Bent, Inigo Idiakez
  13. Shame Clarke and Tomori weren't here at the same time, the 2 best CB's the clubs had in the past decade, just ahead of Keogh and Barker in my opinion.
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