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  1. Completely forgot about him for some reason...
  2. Vydra and Marriott both suited to playing in a two up front. They'd be a deadly pairing if they had the right service. Shame the manager doesn't like playing two up front though.
  3. Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Bielik Sibley Holmes Knight Marriott Martin Bench: Roos, Wisdom, Forsyth, Malone, Bird, Josefzoon (might as well), Whittaker. Siberia: Lawrence Terrible team...
  4. Hamer Bielik Davies Clarke Bogle Evans Shinnie Lowe Holmes Marriott Martin But considering he won't change formation... Hamer Bogle Bielik Davies Lowe Evans Shinnie Holmes Lawrence Paterson Martin
  5. I don't agree with people calling for the manager to be sacked. The real reason for the decline in recent years has been the terrible recruitment. I can only think of 5 successful permanent signings since Clough left. - Christie - Ince - Carson - Vydra - Davies Having said that, players like Lawrence and Waghorn had a brilliant season before they signed and you have to wonder what kind of players they'd be if they played in the Mac1 team.
  6. I agree, I would also drop those if there were better replacements. Paterson for Lawrence possibly but who else is there to play in CB? Wisdom? and to be fair to Waghorn he's been playing out of position for most of this Derby career
  7. Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Holmes Bielik Shinnie Lawrence Marriott Waghorn Marriott and Waghorn scored 43 goals in 17/18 playing mostly in a 2 up front yet I can only remember one 45mins they've done it here
  8. Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Bielik Holmes Shinnie Waghorn Martin Paterson
  9. He played in midfield with Krychowiak in a 4-4-2 in there recent game against Austria
  10. Hamer Bogle Bielik Clarke Lowe Hudd Shinnie Holmes Waghorn Martin Paterson - People wanting to play 2 up front, highly unlikely as Cocu has never played 2 up front in his entire career. - Use Marriott as an impact sub unless they can somehow find a way of playing him in left wing - Wouldn't play Huddlestone but he seems the first name on Cocu's team sheet for some reason - Would consider playing Davies as he's exactly the type of character we need on the pitch at the moment. Whether he'd cope physically is another question. - Really hope Shinnie at least makes the bench. Can't imagine what he'd feel like if he didn't and certain players did. He showed great leadership at Aberdeen which is what we need.
  11. Jozefzoon must have been gutted when he found out he wasn't coming off at half time
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