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  1. It doesn't matter what you say, I've realised over the last few day's @RoyMac5 will never blame Rooney for anything๐Ÿ˜„. Rooney could literally sub himself on and intentionally score an own goal and @RoyMac5would blame the keeper for not saving it. I'm beginning to suspect Wayne's hacked his account.๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
  2. If we're having that many shots, why is our xG so low? I've looked at 3 different sources and they have us at 19th, 21st and 21st. Could it be our shots have been when the opposition have many players behind the ball to block? I can't think of many times our players have had clear cut chances or been 1 on 1 with the keeper. Or are most our shots headers? aren't headers generally less accurate?
  3. Do you know the stat for how many of our shots are/aren't from inside the box? and how they compare to other teams?
  4. Did you not see in my post where I put "most of Rooney's time"? Those injuries have only happened in the last 3 or so games, what about the 20+ games they were available?
  5. I'm also desperate for Barnsley to get in the play-offs. because it would mean they'd have beaten our rivals. What universe are we in?๐Ÿ˜†
  6. They did though, they brought in Roberts and Gregory. We've had a strike force of Waghorn, Gregory and CKR for most of Rooney's time. They're not world beaters by any means but they're still average Championship standard. Certainly not the worst in the division. Blame the managers tactics for the lack of goals, not them.
  7. Honestly, how bad do we have to be before you start questioning Rooney? If he took us down to the National League with this squad would you still blame the players?
  8. Then Akinfenwa came on and we couldn't handle him
  9. But teams having an initial impact when a new manager comes in happens all the time. Oppositions don't know how the new manager is going to set up and how to counter them, but once the first team "finds them out" the initial impact fades. Also Bielik was a massive factor as well. But I'll just give Rooney the benefit of the doubt and say he did well when he first arrived, but for me the key problem is the regression of performances. If we started worse but gradually improved I could accept that but it's the opposite. The constant and increasing almost erratic changes of tactics and lineups are
  10. But what does a manager/coach do if not make gifted individuals play as a team? I'm not saying they're good, but surely they're at least better than relegation. How can Rooney be a disappointment if you don't think anyone else could get better out the team? That doesn't make sense. Wouldn't that just make you content with Rooney? I just have to disagree, I think another manager would get more out of them. How many clubs in our position in the past, sack a manager and need someone to come in and save them from relegation, hire a complete unqualified novice? it's un
  11. These 2 + Clarke, I'm not talking about winning the league, I'm only on about being better than the likes of Rotherham and Coventry. Wisdom, Roberts, Gregory, Byrne, Marshall have all shown they are average Championship players, or at least better than mostly League 1 level players our relegation rivals have.
  12. Only partly, If you put me as manager of Real Madrid I'd probably get terrible results and get them relegated, but you'd still say there players were good.
  13. I'd argue that they've not been good the last 2 seasons because the managers have been rubbish. It's not perceived ability, they've proven they can perform steadily at the top end of the table. Lawrence got 9 goals, 11 assists for Ipswich. Waghorn got 16 goals 13 assists also for Ipswich. I honestly think if you put Lawrence in Brentford's team he'd be one of the best players in the league.
  14. In terms of ability only, I'd say Preston, Millwall and Birmingham have a similar or slightly better squad but we certainly have a better squad than Luton, Coventry and Rotherham. Most there squads are still League 1 level. Obviously we'd take any of there strikers at the moment as ours are injured, but that's only happened recently. Coventry - I'd only take Hamer and Ostigard Luton - Bradley and maybe Tom Ince Rotherham - maybe an attacking mid like Wing people are slating the player's for underperforming, which they have, but they've not underperformed because of lac
  15. Why are people forgetting they had a 12 point deduction? Isn't that he main reason?
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