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    RoyMac5 reacted to bigbadbob in Coronavirus   
    Go for it. I'm more or less in the exact same position as you and I'm off to see her tomorrow. Taking her some shopping, she's letting me in back gate, sit in garden 2m or more apart no physical contact, give her someone to talk to face to face, do her more good than harm. Just got to be sensible and balance things up. Go and see her mate.
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    RoyMac5 reacted to uttoxram75 in Coronavirus   
    The mixed messages, worry, confusion and fear in our factory is unreal. On one hand we have senior management demanding normal production targets are met while 15% of the workforce are self isolating or off for 12 weeks  (classed at risk due to age or illness).
    Also, office and non-production management are working from home while production line people are finding it impossible to keep a 2 metre distance.
    Agency and temps are coming in to cover the absence, making it even more difficult to manage the situation. HR are working from home but demanding we contact everyone who's off to put pressure on them in case they're swinging the lead.
    It seems very trivial compared to the conditions that NHS staff and carers are working in but its still mentally draining on shift.
    Our owners are trying their best to make extra money out of it, not quite up to Sports Direct standard but having a good go.
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    RoyMac5 reacted to Ghost of Clough in Coronavirus   
    By which time there were fewer than 200 confirmed deaths after contracting CV - a minute sample size. Just over 1000 in the rest of March (just over a week) still has little impact when comparing with usual deaths in a month. However, 2000 CV related deaths in the first 3 days of April can be compared with peak flu-season ‘flu related deaths’ of 3000-3500 per week. Whereas 2000 flu-related deaths per week at this time of year is typical. So we’ve already hit the point where CV exceeds usual fly related deaths at this time of year and matches peak flu season, with signs suggesting it’ll still get worse for the next week or so. All of this is in spie of being in lockdown - just imagine how bad it could have been!
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    RoyMac5 reacted to G STAR RAM in Coronavirus   
    Apologies if anyone was offended by anything I have posted earlier.
    Worrying times for everyone.
    Think I've made my point and obviously not many agree.
    No point in saying it over and over again so probably best that I refrain from posting in the thread any longer.
    All the best to everyone.
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    RoyMac5 reacted to curb in Coronavirus   
    Yes, yes you are
  6. Cheers
    RoyMac5 reacted to David in Coronavirus   
    We have a group chat and recent messages have been read by everyone (including SaintRam), he's probably just taking some time out
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    RoyMac5 reacted to WhiteHorseRam in Coronavirus   
    Possibly the data you should be looking at is -
    £330 billion stimulus package put together by the chancellor .... because the economy has been largely turned off
    4,000 bed capacity FIELD hospital set up in the Excel centre, plus 6 (could be more?) all around the country
    3,000 Reserve personnel mobilised
    20,000 retired ex NHS recalled
    All the kids (bar key worker children) sent home.
    I am guessing Boris hasn't done this for a laugh, or because his Monday afternoon on Monday 23rd March was a bit slow.
    Maybe something a bit out of the ordinary is happening? Maybe .... just my guess
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    RoyMac5 reacted to Bob The Badger in Coronavirus   
    Seriously, does anybody know @SaintRam well enough to put a call in and let us know he's ok?
    I'm worried.
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    RoyMac5 reacted to Tamworthram in Coronavirus   
    I know what you mean but, call me naive, in the absence of any such data I feel the need to trust the medical and scientific experts. It can't possibly be a worldwide conspiracy or over-reaction can it?
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    RoyMac5 reacted to Tamworthram in Coronavirus   
    well the overwhelming medical and scientific "experts" seem to be suggesting that it is a major problem and causing a significant number of deaths. 
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    RoyMac5 reacted to Van Gritters in Coronavirus   
    I find it really difficult to work out who would survive and who would die. What I do know is I have an uncle who has got emphysema and although his health isn’t very good he keeps on going. I know, without any medical experts advise, that he would not survive this virus, however I think he would carry on if he doesn’t. I think this is where the majority of the extra deaths will come from.
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    RoyMac5 reacted to Tamworthram in Coronavirus   
    yes but I think he was taking it too far and almost suggesting (from what I recall) that it wasn't a problem. I'm sure one of his statements suggested that it's no more serious than the common cold (I may have miss-remembered). 
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    RoyMac5 reacted to sage in DCFC Fans x Derby City Mission Food Bank Fundraiser   
    I've already made one donation and intend to donate the cost of a pie or pint every time I sit down to watch one of the classic games on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 
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    RoyMac5 got a reaction from WhiteHorseRam in Coronavirus   
    I think that seems likely too. It's just the 'not knowing' how long your sentence is that makes things harder. 
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    RoyMac5 reacted to JoetheRam in Coronavirus   
    That I guess is to err on the side of caution and take into account that the reduction in cases will potentially be slower than estimated.
    My personal guess is Monday June 29th will be when lockdown is eased.  Not sure what shape that will take but rough timeline I think will be:
    End of April - Peak Deaths reached
    End of May - Death rate will decline, antibody tests will have started.
    End of June - Antibody tests will have been widely done, anyone who has had the virus will be able to return to work, those who haven't will be advised to remain in lockdown for a further 2 weeks.
    July - peak A&E admissions from alcohol poisoning/fighting.
    This is all just my opinion based on 9 years working in the NHS and what the government is doing.
  16. Cheers
    RoyMac5 reacted to WhiteHorseRam in Coronavirus   
    The current measures are to stop the NHS being overwhelmed - which I interpret as there enough medical staff to keep the structure functioning and the seriously ill get a reasonable level of care and therefore a chance of survival.
    The lock down is therefore just a holding action. Unless we can use testing/tracking or whatever to coral the virus, some form of lock down will have to stay in place until they crack a vaccine.
    I heard on the radio the other day somebody say we are stuck with this until September. I think myself April and May are total write-offs and we shall see some 'un-locking' in June. If we go back to normal too soon, it will break out again, and with an exhausted NHS a second big hit could be worse.
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    RoyMac5 reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus   
    It's a tough one. I'm beginning to think I need to buy something to entertain the kids. Being cooped up in the garden for months will affect their mental health. I mean I can understand someone wanting to buy a gazebo if it means you can give the family another few options on stuff to do. We are going to quickly turn on each other through boredom. I'm feeling it now, and it's only been a couple of weeks. If we're supposed to sit this out for 6 months, who can blame anyone wanting to buy a paddling pool or a garden table and chair set?
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    RoyMac5 reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus   
    I guess all that preparation work that goes in months beforehand is being disrupted - and there's the risk of investing time and money into an event that may still be disrupted months later, if the problems continue past the expected date it should hopefully be resolved.
  19. Cheers
    RoyMac5 reacted to Van Cone De Head in Coronavirus   
    Noticeable how much busier it is today at work and on the roads.
    I can see an issue developing if we get warm weather.
    A few ‘interesting‘arguments amongst customers about what entails essential shopping.
    It’s not my place to tell someone what’s essential or not.
    Intervened yesterday on someone taking issue with a lady for buying a large gazebo, it was for Barnsley Hospital.
    I forgot to mention,first day off tomorrow together for myself and the good lady cone in a month,other than hospital.
    Might have a shandy.
  20. Cheers
    RoyMac5 reacted to David in Krystian Bielik ACL Injury   
  21. Haha
    RoyMac5 reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Coronavirus   
    Here you go....found a snap of my completed 6,000 piece......pussies! 😂

  22. Clap
    RoyMac5 reacted to RamNut in Coronavirus   
    Nice to see @TroyDyer at long last. He seems to have given up on dcfc
    I haven’t watched it all, but alot of the scientific criticism seems to originate in time to the moment when the virus was first identified in Wuhan and the allegation that the initial testing was flawed. This whole argument is founded on the assertion that the virus has never been “purified and visualised”; that only a tiny genetic marker was used to identify the virus. I don’t quite follow that. The full genome of the virus was identified and published. And since the initial testing of seven victims in Wuhan this thing has spread around the world, so that testing an investigation has been undertaken by experts all over the place.
    it is alleged that the Coronavirus doesn’t exist, and something called an exosome (which cells manufacture in order to transfer proteins and other stuff possibly out of the cell possibly as part of an immune response) has been mistaken for a virus. But I would think that microbiologists know the difference between a virus which has spikey proteins sticking out of the surface and contains a full genome, and a tiny cellular parcel which - although it may be similar in size and contain snippets of rna - lacks the special surface proteins and the lengthy and complete copy of the genome of the virus?
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    RoyMac5 got a reaction from Andicis in Coronavirus   
    So NOW is the opportunity to get through to the idiots just how important a well-funded NHS really is.
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    RoyMac5 got a reaction from 1967Ram in Coronavirus   
    So NOW is the opportunity to get through to the idiots just how important a well-funded NHS really is.
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    RoyMac5 got a reaction from Bob The Badger in Coronavirus   
    So NOW is the opportunity to get through to the idiots just how important a well-funded NHS really is.
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