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  1. I work with a lot of Oldham fans and they were delighted for the money they got for him...
  2. Don Goodman is itching for us to make a costly error...
  3. EranioIsGod


    He never smiled in our kits... 😂
  4. I stopped reading at "American GSE conglomerate"
  5. I go watch Wales with a lot of Wrexham fans. They genuinely are excited about this. The club has been stagnant now for years. Hopefully this'll be a catalyst for the club and community
  6. Cameron Jerome bags one for MKeogh Dons
  7. I'm sure we were after Bergdolmo following Euro 2000, but ended up getting Bragstad...oh that went well. Bergdolmo went to Ajax
  8. "One fan said the absence "might end up costing them a fair bit in sales". Oh I'm sure a multi billion pound company like EA Sports will feel the pain
  9. How can you forget about the Welsh Maldini... Gareth Roberts!
  10. I go watch Malaga a lot, maybe not at the moment though but Calero has signed for them.
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