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  1. It wasn't hard getting taxis - I used a hotel transfer service which was like a shared minibus, I think it was around €15 each way, no need to book in advance just come out of customs and turn right and there's a big desk where you sort it. It wasn't meant to be ominous though - just important to know what your plans are... Yeah the Ferencvaros game was at their stadium. It is worth a visit, it's not too expensive and although the standard of football is maybe lower championship/league one, it was an entertaining match and worth it for the atmosphere alone. You do have to register first for a sort of home membership - I think they call it a "supporter card" - before you can buy tickets, you have to do it at the ground and it costs 1500 HUF on matchdays or 1000 on non matchdays (roughly £4); if you are going to do it just before the match give yourself plenty of time because the queue takes a long time and they need all your personal details, including some form of ID (passport was fine for me). That's the situation at the Groupama Arena (which was a lovely stadium), I'm not sure if the procedure is the same or different for other stadiums. Good Luck!
  2. He was winding me up tbh, appealing for everything when there was no foul. Agreed he was a poo
  3. Nice to see the collective wrist-slashing has started early this season 🕺 We've just beaten Huddersfield away and were unlucky to come away with just a draw today, only one team looked like winning. Thought we played some good stuff and just didn't have that clinical finish. Waggers unlucky with the pen, but it happens, it's football. We'll be ok, the team needs a bit more time to gel and adapt to Cocu's tactics. Besides, we have one more point at this stage of the season than last season - where we'd scraped a win at Reading and been trounced by Leeds, but went on to go to Wembley... Season isn't won or lost in August - we're not gumps
  4. President's Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan; a rather balmy 30 degrees Of course I had to take a trip to see the Ramstore
  5. Done a fair bit of solo travel in the last year - Indonesia, Singapore, Lithuania, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, and going to Kazakhstan in a few weeks. If you want to watch footy, can't beat Eastern Europe for atmosphere - Hungary was incredible, I went to watch Ferencvarosi play Honved, plus it's quite cheap there. Just make sure you have your hotel booked and it has WiFi, and plan how you're getting from the airport to the hotel. Once you're at the hotel you can WiFi up and sort anything out, but the most important thing is having that plan of how to get from airport to hotel. Best city I've been to is Kiev - cheap flights on Ryanair, the food is good, the beer is good, there's LOTS of history, especially if you're interested in Soviet history and it's safe for a solo traveller. Plus Chernobyl is round the corner and that's definitely worth a trip. Good Luck!
  6. Lovely jubbly, one of the best kits I've seen for a long time. Will definitely be buying one of these
  7. LE_Ram


    Each to their own... I haven't watched the show yet but the radiation in the zone isn't what it was back then by any stretch - In 7/8 hours in the zone we got as much radiation as you would on a 3 hour flight. Yes there are some dangerous parts but unless you're stupid and disobey your guides or eat dirt or something, there really is minimal risk involved.
  8. LE_Ram


    We did the one day tour from Kiev with Chernobyl-Tour https://www.chernobyl-tour.com/english/48-one-day-trip-to-the-chernobyl-zone-and-prypyat-town.html Would highly recommend at least a two day tour to fully take in everything but this is good if you're just in Kiev for a long weekend - great city, very cheap too
  9. LE_Ram


    Lucky enough to take a trip to Chernobyl/Pripyat a few weeks ago but haven't seen this yet so I'm thinking of binging it this weekend - is this available on Now TV if I got myself an entertainment pass?
  10. Fortunate not to see anything like this in my day - only contact we had with Villa fans was on the tube to Wembley where there was a mix of Derby and Villa, good atmosphere on the tube and happy to have a chat before the match; around Wembley pre-match where the fans were again mingling without too much trouble; and when I got off my train back at Leicester station and was approached by a Villa fan who wanted a chat about the game, commiserated us on losing and wished us all the best for the next season and hoped to meet us in the Prem in 2020. Every Villa fan I came across was friendly, up for a chat, didn't gloat after the game, and was generally like 99% of the fans who went - just wanted to go and see their team at Wembley and enjoy their day. Unfortunately every team in the land has that minority who get absolutely pished and want to scrap with anyone who has the cheek to not support the team they do. Mindless thugs and it has no place in the modern game. Hopefully all the culprits - both Derby and Villa - will be identified and dealt with accordingly.
  11. Bit of a mixed bag yesterday so thought I'd share some thoughts, always been a believer in bad news then good so we'll start with the bad… The Bad - The result (obviously). Yes it's a shame we lost and in a weird way I think I'd have been less annoyed if Villa had tonked us 4-0 again, the most frustrating thing is how well we played in the last 20/30 minutes and how close we were to getting an equaliser. I can think of a couple of chances where it goes in, gets to 2-2 and then it’s a difference game entirely. - The crowd. No I don't mean the atmosphere which from where I was in block 113 pretty good, especially considering the lack of much to feed off on the pitch. But late teens and early 20s lads who had come mainly for the pish up and couldn't handle their beer (or coke as the case probably was for a lot of them) mouthing off at anyone and everything and generally turning the atmosphere from the family carnival good atmosphere outside to an angry and intimidating one. - East Midlands Trains. I was one of the lucky ones and managed to squeeze onto the 18:51 to Sheffield but I could see the probably thousands in the queue behind me. I get there's a large crowd trying to get back to the East Mids, but no extra trains, no queue system, no information and a dangerous amount of people is a recipe for disaster and generally poor planning. But……. There's certainly a lot to be cheerful for as a Ram The Good - We bloody well got to Wembley. Would've bitten your hand off to get playoffs at the start of the season, getting to the final (and beating Leeds at Elland Road to get there) was a dream scenario. Anyone who says we haven't progressed under Lampard, give your heads a wobble. - What a day we had down in London. Couple of beers, in the sunshine, soaking up the atmosphere with the fellow Rams. 99.9% of the Villa fans we came across were friendly and up for a chat about the game both before and after, gracious in victory too. - Finished above Forest… again - We have the best U18s in the country, loads of promising talent coming through the Academy at the minute and hopefully we can start to integrate some into the first team next season as we have with Bogle this season. - We're still (as I write this) managed by Frank Lampard - a man who has united the fans, integrated youth, attracted some of the best loan talent to Pride Park, taken us to Wembley in his first season as a manager, and who will continue to learn and get better. - We've had some great days this season and I can say I've thoroughly enjoyed it. QPR home, WBA home and away Reading away, Bristol away, Birmingham home, Man U away, Chelsea away… I could go on. - We don't have to deal with Sky and their Sunday afternoon, Monday night football nonsense. Proper kickoffs at 3pm on Saturday, cheers. This is by no means an exhaustive list but you get the idea. The bad points are temporary, all the good is looking to the future. Yes we lost at Wembley, but that doesn't make the future any less bright or me any less proud to be a Ram. UTR, DTID ❤️
  12. Block 113, row 7 - hoping there'll be a good atmosphere in there
  13. We'll also be in block 113 - any other 113 massive on here 👀
  14. 5000 in the queue... Still, having done no work this morning and just read the forum, it gives me an excuse to get some actual work done ☺️ Don't tell the boss 😂😂
  15. Only on this forum, does every serious post turn into a load of crap puns... Top work everyone
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