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  1. How come the FA will ban you for tweeting that your friend looks like an animated character, but not for drink driving?
  2. Good lad, just don't drive home and when you're done will you?
  3. Imagine grown men cheering a player who nearly killed our captain.
  4. Why aren't the FA stepping in over this? Bernado Silva gets a ban for a questionable tweet... get absolutely wankered and drive home, endangering innocent people's lives though - no issue!
  5. Why leave them out on Saturday against Brum then?
  6. Please show me where I said that they should be excluded. I'm not arguing one way or another on that question. What I'm saying is that them playing well for Derby County does not make amends or show remorse for endangering the lives of the people in the area where they crashed. Why leave them out on Saturday and pick them today? if football DOES have something to do with their crime, is dropping them for one game the punishment that the club is dishing out?
  7. So what you're saying is that football is more important?
  8. How is it the first step in showing remorse? I don't see how football has ANYTHING to do with their potential crimes? What does playing well, training hard, football in general, have to do with endangering my life, and showing remorse for it?
  9. Kinda think if you're going to pick them today, you might as well have picked them on Saturday too. What's changed? 4 days have passed, great. The message this sends to me, is that when the club said the players involved "will pay a heavy price for their actions", what they meant is that they'll get a day off work, tossing it off at home, on full pay... and then it'll be back to business as usual. Tell me why I'm wrong please, I'd like to see it differently!
  10. and I know people who have lost their jobs over it.
  11. Right so if I vocally express my distaste at the fact a club employee has endangered the lives of myself and anyone else I know that uses the roads in the area, that means I can't call myself a supporter of their employers?
  12. In what way is training hard and playing well for Derby county making amends for endangering the life of road users in the area, many of whom probably don't give the slightest duck about the club?
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