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    Bigfella reacted to angieram in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    There was a really good interview with a solicitor on Radio Derby's Sally Pepper show this morning, explaining the options the court had available to them yesterday. Anyone who thinks the court was being lenient ought to listen to it.
    It was on about 9.20 a.m. so I imagine about 20 minutes into the broadcast. You can find it here:
    Given that the club also stated that they had imposed the maximum punishment allowable under the players' contracts, I am not sure where the accusations of leniency come from.
    The solicitor did state that if you want to change the law, lobby your politicians.
    I personally think the community service will be humiliating for the two guys who are used to public adulation and a much better punishment than fines. Money is cheap for these young men, but pride and their time is not. That and the awareness course they will be going on will all be more suitable punishments for me.
    I appear to be in a minority on here but I am satisfied with the way the incident has been dealt with, and want to support the two lads to get back out there and start paying back by doing their jobs and rebuilding trust with the fans.
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    Bigfella reacted to BathRam72 in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I can't believe this is still being banged on about.
    The club has punished them, the courts have punished them. Whatever you believe they should have got is irrelevant now as it will change nothing.
    What is required now, is to get behind whatever the club do to rehabilitate these two and help them get over what ever it was that put them in this situation.  
    Constantly bringing it up is not going to let them move on. As I said in the post above they will have reminders everyday without some of us bringing it up again and again. 
    LET IT GO!!!
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    Here’s another one my son took.

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    See this whole typhoon thing is bugging me somewhat. First off, addressing your point @CWC1983 I don't buy this school of thought nor have I even heard it, that Townsend thought it'd make sense to dump the game, or was convinced the Scots would lose against the Irish. That's plain rubbish, sorry. He put out his strongest 15, they made all the right noises and they then completely failed to turn up. Also, let's not forget that in recent years, setting their win against Ireland aside, Japan have beaten both Wales and South Africa so if the Scots were assuming it'd be a good idea to wager their entire championship on beating them in their own backyard then to a degree, they are the architects of the dilemma in which they now find themselves. Furthermore, this supposed 'strategic play' means that even if Scotland do end up beating Japan, they'll most likely get the Kiwis next. And this was Townsend's plan?!?
    As for what would have happened if it were England or New Zealand. Well, nothing, it would have been exactly the same. This whole anti-Scottish conspiracy thing which we've been hearing for years and years is just so old now. It needs to stop as it's absolute nonsense. 
    The last point I'd make is that in threatening to sue the organisers before their game has even been cancelled, Scotland have shown a distinct lack of class which has not got down well with any other nation. So-called Scottish fans are all over the various rugby forums inferring that the Japanese are somehow ducking the game which is even worse. They actually beat Ireland and comfortably so, lest we forget. Of course this doesn't mean they're a cert to beat Scotland, but they'll certainly not fear them either. Implying they are running scared is as disgraceful as it is inaccurate.
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    That’s Hector , he’s a golden doodle ( yes I know he’s not very golden!), it’s Harlech Castle - my son has taken Hector away for a weekend.
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    When my eldest brother (RIP) was the youngest patient in a care home we used to take Jake (SBT) to visit him,  the smile Jake put on the other patients was a joy to behold.
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    Poppy 'doing her salmon impression' .. 

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    Here’s another one my son took.

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    Thanks Mozza - he’s a great dog, very obedient, very friendly and loves having a fuss made of him. We’re looking into applying for him to be a therapy dog in the Derby Royal.
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    Bigfella got a reaction from mozza in Pets   
    That’s Hector , he’s a golden doodle ( yes I know he’s not very golden!), it’s Harlech Castle - my son has taken Hector away for a weekend.
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    Bigfella reacted to Red_Dawn in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Corbyn and his cabinet have suggested that they'll force landlords to sell their properties to renters at cut price rates. Likely resulting in a property crash as landlords desperately hoof out tenants and sell their properties before having them nicked by the state. 
    Disregard any immigration controls whatsoever, and give anyone who happens to find their way to the UK an equal vote to someone born here and who have paid into the system their entire lives. 
    Abolish private education to 'redistribute their funds', forcing hundreds of thousands of private school kids into an already overcrowded public education system. 
    I'm not even going to start on his shambolic attitude towards the security services and armed forces. 
    He would bankrupt the country both financially and morally within only a few years. He's far more dangerous than leaving the EU on WTO terms. 
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    Bigfella got a reaction from Kinder in New joke thread   
    I dated a girl with a lazy eye at one time. Turns out she was seeing someone else on the side.
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    Bigfella reacted to ColonelBlimp in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Shinnie was easily mom.
    Malone was good, Lawrence was good. There were some boos from where i was (east stand upper) but i tried to drown them out with my whooping and hollering.
    Thought we had a really good first half, way better than the slow and ponderous nonsense we've seen prior to the Brum game.
    Second half we stood off a bit until midway through but i have to say, at no point did i see Luton scoring, they were just bang average.
    Roos concerns me, doesn't inspire confidence in the back 4 and Clarke, had a good game but is so one footed it can be an issue.
    Josefzoon did ok i thought but it's that final ball that always seems to be the wrong one.
    All in all, a decent performance.
    If Cocu is telling them to play from the back then why boo? They are trying to implement his instructions so should be encouraged. 
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    Bigfella reacted to Cocu_Doodle_Do in bye   
    I actually can’t believe fans are willing to boycott the club because a few individuals bought shame on us. It’s disgraceful what happened but I love DCFC that much I could not imagine turning my back on the club.
    Let the courts and club deal with the offenders. Let’s do our bit and show our passion for our club. 
    anyone willing to turn their back on Derby can go as far as I am concerned.
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    Bigfella reacted to Yani P in bye   
    Must admit so many responses on these endless topics smack of the modern day epidemic of social media moral outrage. 
    I take a very simplistic view - they have broken the law, they will be dealt with by the courts.. Probably fines, bans some form of community service. 
    Derby County will impose their own sanctions on the individuals concerned and will make these public at the appropriate time. 
    In the meantime the club has decided they should carry on with the job they are paid for. There is nothing morally wrong with this whatsoever. 
    As has been said many times.. Drink driving is a stupid reckless dangerous thing. My brother was in a car with 4 friends and got hit head on by a drunk who was on the wrong side of a dual carriageway. His best friend in the front passenger seat was killed instantly.. 17 years old.
    Another friend of mine was drunk.. Fell asleep in the front seat of his mates car.. His mate then decided to drive home drunk and put my friend through the windscreen he was scarred for life. 
    Horrible stories I'm sure many on here have many more. But I Don't hate Lawrence or Bennett or Keogh.. I don't know them. All I know is the courts and club will deal with the facts and take appropriate action and that is good enough for me. 
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