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  1. The Spanish Kid would not have been able to deposit cash in a British bank account as requested by the EFL because no bank with a branch in the UK would have let him open an account without intense scrutiny and certainly would not have accepted any cash without a full paper trail as to the source of that cash. Money laundering is a very serious offence, HSBC paid a 1.92 BILLION pound fine for accepting dodgy deposits and if you need further proof try buying a house for cash in the UK or USA, you have to provide full transparency as to the source of the funds. Having cash in an overseas ac
  2. Every time the club issues any news whatsoever the majority of the posters on here pile on, and use every word the club utter as weapons to criticise, attack and denigrate the the club, the manager and the owner, so it is no great surprise that there is nothing coming out of Pride Park, they have learned the hard way, that there is less flack with less news. If I was the owner I would be doing the same thing, real fans can accept that a deal is not over until it is done and running commentaries add nothing to negotiations.
  3. Looking in more depth at Brentford there are a couple of similarities with the Rams 1. They are not self funding their owner Mathew Benham has injected £103million in loans and some equity, not as much as Mel but the Rams are a much bigger Club. 2. Brentford do not own their stadium their owner now holds a charge on it, the same as DCFC So the only difference id=S their approach to recruitment.
  4. Brentford are not the brilliantly run club everyone says, if you look at losses without player sales (see below) they lost £34 million in year 19/20. (£9million loss after player sales), a team cannot rely on selling that amount of talent every season to survive or meet FFP. acknowledgement to Swissramble for the numbers.
  5. Also whilst under embargo, we are not allowed to pay any more than £12,000/week even to free transfers.
  6. Fake myth where is your proof?
  7. Current league position - joint top along with 22 other teams Current status solvent, paying wages and up for sale.
  8. As opposed to irrationally attacking Mr Morris without any substance, only hearsay to back up your multitude of spiteful comments.
  9. Excellent read @HuddersRam I downloaded onto Kindle app and read until the early hours, I trust you will still get a decent amount of the payment.
  10. JUDGMENT The proceedings are dismissed following a withdrawal of the claim by the claimant. _____________________________ Employment Judge Heap 5th December 2018_______________ Rush withdrew as his case did not stand up in the Tribunal
  11. Myths include the conclusion that he does not take advice from anyone, that he alone did the due diligence on the fake shake and the Spanish dreamer, that he has not put £150 million into the club, that he is a dictator and not a benefactor etc etc.
  12. No my first link showed the case was dismissed by the judge and was dated after his summary.
  13. Case was thrown out by the tribunal judge., a full summary is available here; https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5b180be1e5274a18e8bf51d8/Mr_S_Rush_v_Sevco_5112_Limited_2601130.17.pdf Many pages to go through but Mel did everything correctly, so another Mel myth busted.
  14. I am sure that I read on this website Mel lost the tribunal case regarding Sam Rush, companies house tells a much different story in fact completely the reverse. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5c1a0edc40f0b60bc4029cf2/Mr_S_Rush_v_The_Derby_County_Football_Club_Ltd___others_2601130.2017_Dismissal.pdf Is this another Mel Myth we can cross off as fake myth?
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