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  1. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to NC--RAM in Number One when you were born?   
    Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard with Come outside. Good grief!!!
  2. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to therealhantsram in Number One when you were born?   
    I Win... 
    Rolf Harris - Two Little Boys. 
    Clearly trying to throw people of the scent as we all now know he preferred little girls. 
  3. Like
    GboroRam reacted to JoetheRam in Alternative to cake   
    After being informed of the dangers of Cake in around 1997, I now prefer Clarkey Cat or Yellow Bentines, don't want to end up like a bloody piano dentist do I?
    Oh... savoury for the win, and that looks banging.
  4. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Anag Ram in Alternative to cake   
    Now that is a work of art!
    Forget Banksy. Mrs Cone, you are a genius. A Hollywood handshake is on its way (If you don't watch Bake Off don't worry that's not rude.)
  5. Like
    GboroRam reacted to coneheadjohn in Alternative to cake   
    Angry’s not going to be happy about how Northern this is.
  6. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Mrs Cone in Alternative to cake   
    So today is Josh's 17th birthday.  I ask him what sort of birthday cake he wants.....me being a baker thought he might go for an elaborate chocolate cake or a nicely decorated Victoria sponge!
    NO!! He wants a cake made out of mashed potato. Not just mashed potato, it must also have some sort of meat, Yorkshire puddings and gravy!🙈
    Not an easy task but he's very happy with the end result, here's a pic!
    So sweet or savoury guys? Have any of you lot had cakes that are a bit different or is he just being awkward? 🤪

  7. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Wolfie in Facebook   
    I'm similar to you @Lambchop. I rarely post or "like" anything nowadays and am more of an occasional lurker. I haven't got round to deleting friends but that's the next step.
    If it wasn't for being a member a couple of local groups, I don't think I'd bother at all.
    It annoys the hell out of me that an algorithm decides what I get to see instead of what's posted most recently. I get fed up of the stupid "if you care about this issue then share it - 97% of people won't".....type posts. Plus of course the Britain First - type, supposedly patriotic posts, which are usually fake news anyway.
    I've got group chats on Whatsapp & Messenger for conversations between either friends or family. All of the the "look at me" stuff on the news feed is nauseating.
  8. Like
    GboroRam reacted to McRamFan in Tetley Decaf Tea   
    How much are they paying you?
  9. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to coneheadjohn in Cannabis on the NHS?   
    Are you setting up a sting mate?
    I have this vision of Joel coming and asking me for his pain relief and me surrounded by crisp and cake packets going.
    ’The Unicorns have taken it’.
  10. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to BaaLocks in Cannabis on the NHS?   
    Do you include Harold Shipman in that analysis?
  11. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to Steve How Hard? in The missing 78 seconds incident   
    78 seconds is nothing. We had a whole squad full of players go missing for a full season in 2007/08.
  12. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Lambchop in Dogs on SPORTS Pitches BAN!   
    No need to take that cavalier attitude. 
  13. Like
    GboroRam reacted to TigerTedd in England v Croatia   
    I’m almost glad I was watching my daughter’s swimming lesson during the first half... nah, watching a swimming lesson is the most tedious thing ever. 
  14. Roll Eyes
    GboroRam reacted to Angry Ram in Funny Pics Thread   
    I’m not falling for yank humour..
  15. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Lambchop in Funny Pics Thread   
  16. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to Carnero in Macclesfield equal our record   
    Worst team in history!
    Worst team in history!
  17. Cheers
    GboroRam got a reaction from StivePesley in Dogs on SPORTS Pitches BAN!   
    Don't feed dogs pork. Full stop. 
  18. Like
    GboroRam reacted to JoeDerby in Biggest waste of money   
    I can't believe that Luke Varney hasn't been mentioned. A 1 million pound fee at the time was big for a championship striker and he was absolutely awful, when he actually played!! 
  19. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to 86 points in Biggest waste of money   
    Take a wild guess.....

  20. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to Bris Vegas in Biggest waste of money   
    Bradley Johnson.
    He came for a record fee, we’ve become worse while he’s been at the club, he’s raked in about £1.5m per year in wages, and he’ll leave for free at the end of the season.
    £12m plus down the drain.
    None of the Billy Davies flops come close. At least on a few of those we got some sort of fee back.
  21. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to 86 points in Biggest waste of money   
    Kenny Burns' subscription to Weight Watchers
  22. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Curtains in Frank Lampard Officially a Legend   
    Thanks GboroRam mate 
  23. Roll Eyes
    GboroRam got a reaction from David in TVs   
    Most computers. Hardly anyone owns a mac because they are incompatible with every piece of software ever written. 
  24. Like
    GboroRam reacted to JoetheRam in TVs   
    Watched a Derby game at a mates with a super fancy TV, looked like Benny Hill was playing. 
    And Keogh isn't that bad.
  25. Like
    GboroRam got a reaction from 86 points in Apple   
    I sold my first car for a quarter of the price of a new iPhone. And that was only in 2013.

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