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  1. Haha
    GboroRam got a reaction from 86 points in Tory party eats itself   
    Can you not find anything more recent? That was months ago. 
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    GboroRam reacted to HantsRam in A Level results day 2018   
    Its why he didn't get his fourth A*.
    Not that exams are easier today of course...........😄
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    GboroRam reacted to R@M in Get your Bristols out!   
    Maximising revenue streams!
  4. Haha
    GboroRam got a reaction from 86 points in Tory party eats itself   
    Can you not find anything more recent? That was months ago. 
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    GboroRam reacted to StivePesley in Nazi Pug guy found guilty   
    I want to be a Sham 69 socialist

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    GboroRam got a reaction from StivePesley in Nazi Pug guy found guilty   
    I want to be a Liam Payne socialist. 
  7. Roll Eyes
    GboroRam reacted to archied in Tory party eats itself   
    Sham pain socialism rides again 
    Reading your posts I presume far far less than you do
  8. Roll Eyes
    GboroRam reacted to archied in Nazi Pug guy found guilty   
    Given your muddled conflicting opinions I can understand your confusion 
  9. Roll Eyes
  10. Roll Eyes
    GboroRam reacted to archied in Tory party eats itself   
    Not intended for  the reasoned debate from Highgate but others the below is a card game we could patent and sell
    works pretty much the same as original trumps 
    I see your woman’s rights but trump you with minority Muslim rights 
    I see your woman’s rights but trump you with gender fluid rights 
    on and on it goes the last great all consuming cause is trodden all over by the latest new trendy cause and when it’s pointed out don’t look at your own hypocrisy and double standards just pass it off as the person who points out to you what everyone with half a brain can see and laughs at is just a right wing bigot who doesn’t care about any cause ,,, mmmmmmmmmm sad sad sad 
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    GboroRam reacted to StringerBell in Boris out?   
    It shouldn't matter whether it's religious or not. Why do we place things that are religious on a pedestal? As a an increasingly atheist society why do we hamstring ourselves like that? Is a Muslim or Jews decision to not eat pork more important than mine?
  12. Sad
    GboroRam reacted to cstand in Boris out?   
    They gonna get arms from somewhere else if we don't sell them can't stop people hating each other no matter what.  Just like left whingers hating capitalism.
  13. Haha
    GboroRam got a reaction from Highgate in Boris out?   
    Shouting through to the next room?
  14. Haha
    GboroRam reacted to Kinder in Random stuff that people do that annoy me/People who probably need punching   
    My dad used to be an auditor and he was on audit at some company in Derby. The board of directors were all crusty old blokes and dad ended up standing next to one at the urinals. This old boy finishes, takes out his handkerchief, dabs his pecker dry, neatly folds up the hankie and puts it back in his top pocket! That’s a whole new level of grimness.
  15. Roll Eyes
    GboroRam reacted to cstand in Boris out?   
    Jeremy is too busy planning his next to random love fest with a terrorist outfit to keep his hordes of left whingers happy.
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    GboroRam reacted to BaaLocks in Tory party eats itself   
    I know you didn't 'say' this and are quoting it but this is effectively 'manifest destiny' - a principle on which the US is founded. It effectively says that it is not enough to have found the perfect life yourself but that you also have a responsibility to ensure others are shown the light. Indeed, you actively take it upon yourself to promote, indeed force, your way of living on others. I despise it as a notion, that somehow anyone has the right to tell others how they should live their lives because they somehow know better. It's akin to someone at work should support Forest because they do or like Led Zep coz they like John Bonham's drumming.
    On the point of Muslim women, in some extremist countries I do not doubt that they are ill treated but it is a causal relationship to say the link is Islam in the same way it is a causal relationship to blame Christianity for abuse of children by priests. BTW - on the second point I want to be clear that I seperate the initial abuse from the ongoing cover up - for which I believe you can hold blame against the Church though that is still a long way from holding the entire religion to account in the same way that many feel the need to blame Islam with a broad brush for every crime that was committed in any Islamic country ever.
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    GboroRam reacted to Stripperg-ram in DCFCFANS own little second Brexit Referendum   
    I’d vote remain, as I did the first time.
    I don’t see a small loss of sovereignty or democracy as a problem for what we get in return.
    But I didn’t want the first referendum and I don’t want another.
    I do feel that a second referendum should  only really happen because leavers no longer want to leave, not because remainers want to undo the first decision, otherwise we don’t heal the wounds, we just create new ones and keep them fresh.
    I don’t think Brexit is a disaster solely because remainers aren’t getting behind it. I think it was always gonna be difficult to extricate ourselves from something that has been entwined into our lives for 40 years. So the lies peddled by the leave side - that it would be quick and easy and problem free, should be politically punished.
    Whether agreeing with it or not, being in the EU for 40 years has meant various elements of our domestic political infrastructure have atrophied. Trade negotiation, immigrations officers, judiciary etc. It would take a massive increase in government spending to replace all those functions and the Tory government has no interest in making government bigger and more bureaucratic, so the whole thing is an oxymoron.
    I wish we’d never been asked.
    I do think we’ll likely get a general election much more than another referendum and that will potentially dictate all things Brexit. If Labour become a bit more remain friendly (and less ambiguous) then they’ll win in a heartbeat and then god knows what will happen.
    But I think we have self harmed to such an extent, that our place at the EU table (if we were to remain) or our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world has been greatly diminished. 
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    GboroRam reacted to TroyDyer in Tory party eats itself   
    And I understand that two wrongs don't make a right. But I also think that in life their has to be give and take. I would happily dress in a certain way if going to another country. I am in their culture and I should respect that. That's why I despise the British pint of fosters and a fry up por favor brigade. 
    Certain cultures come to Britain and integrate. They become part of the society and they make it better. The West Indians, the Sikhs, came over and they are British to the core, while still maintaining their culture, and making Britain better for it. 
    And this is coming from a guy that donates his record sales to Palestinian charities, so very far from anti Muslim, but I do feel that (not all) certain aspects of them don't have any interest in integrating and would rather either take over an area and keep to themselves (which would be fine if it weren't for the people that were there already), or in some cases push their belief system on others. 
  19. Clap
    GboroRam reacted to Lambchop in Tory party eats itself   
    Banning the burka would achieve neither of its stated aims; the liberation of women or the integration of Muslims.
    For the former you're simply removing a choice without challenging patriarchy in any way; for the latter you don't integrate people by legislating against their cultural practices, you just create resentment and further division. 
  20. Like
    GboroRam reacted to BaaLocks in Boris out?   
    And your evidence for that is based on what?
    My children are 'forced' to wear school uniform, I am 'forced' to wear a shirt to work, builders are 'forced' to wear hard hats on site, footballers are 'forced' to wear their team's jersey when they play. 
    Sorry, not buying it.
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    GboroRam reacted to David in Boris out?   
  22. Like
    GboroRam reacted to ColonelBlimp in DCFCFANS own little second Brexit Referendum   
    Can we just give NI back to the Republic?
    Solves the border problem and we get rid of a load of religious bigots at the same time.
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    GboroRam reacted to Highgate in Tory party eats itself   
    Some women may feel liberated by the decision I don't know, but others who really want to wear it would feel angered surely.  And many Muslims without would feel like the government passing such a law was just discriminating against Islam.  Then there would be the people who care about freedom of expression and freedom of religion. They wouldn't be pleased either. 
    And when you think about it, if the government is doing it for these negatively 'conditioned' women, Even if that were true, is that the way we want governments to behave?  To intervene and ban us from making what they think is a mistake even when that mistake doesn't directly harm others?  Bye-bye freedom if that sort of government behaviour became the norm. So no, for me, banning it would be very harmful. 
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    GboroRam reacted to StringerBell in Tory party eats itself   
    I'd agree with Stive in that mutilating a child's penis because the parents religion demands it is not something that should be permitted. Regardless of whether FGM is more harmful, it's disgusting to mutilate the genitalia of any child unless it's for medical reasons.
    The constant need to offer up whataboutery whenever someone criticises Islam though, I don't agree with. 
  25. Like
    GboroRam reacted to Highgate in Tory party eats itself   
    Well you are not for banning it, and you not liking it is just your own opinion so I can't disagree with that. I couldn't say I'm a fan either. it's nice to be able to see someone's face when talking to someone.  But that's a mild and ephemeral inconvenience.  
    But I can't for the life of me understand how you say that wearing a burka is not motivated by their faith.  Faith is a very personal thing and who is to say what the 'true' version of Islam is.  Is there even such a thing.?  What is genuine Islam and what isn't, maybe you can tell... I know I can't.  What really matters is what these Muslim women think, if they think they are doing it to express their attachment to Islamic doctrine, then who are we to argue?  You've agreed that there is a clear instruction for Muslim women to dress modestly, so aren't these garments just a way of taking that religious instruction seriously.....very seriously!  

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