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  1. You’re getting there, don’t even deny it
  2. It’s the odd and evens that can confuse
  3. We might not be pretty, we might not get all the plaudits, but oh my I love it. Experience? Pfft. Wayne Rooney’s Derby County 😍🐏
  4. Feels more official now, Rooney has WR printed on his top 😍🐏
  5. As a young fan yourself, do you feel like you have been influenced at all by anything you have seen on a football shirt. Did Bombardier make you want to build a train for example?
  6. I still maintain work that I created yeah and manage hosting, but don't really take new projects on unless it's for a friend or someone I know. Small circle to keep me going if you like.
  7. Started to create websites around 15 years ago, I have done more than this forum and competent in HTML, PHP and CSS. There are a lot more clever people than me out there, but I know what I'm doing and it's a bit more than "just a template" I mean theres 456 people that downloaded a Night Mode theme I created for this software that was just through just CSS changes. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9383-night-mode-theme/ I also know the Leicester City forum Foxes Talk uses the same base night mode theme as this forum....as I sold it him. So yeah, I feel like I could help them if needed. They use a freemium software version that only limits them to my knowledge anyway, they won't have access to the software files etc.
  8. I did nip over and found the thread, from concern to the announcement was tough to read and made me think myself I should really create a document of some sort with passwords etc. that if the worse happened to myself. Leave it with a couple of people I trust, the missus and someone else (not @Boycie). We all gather in these online platforms, not knowing each other, but knowing each other. Would hate to think that it would all collapse and relationships lost if I was to die. Definitely given me food for thought and as to why I have been open today with where members are to my knowledge. I don't know if you are in touch with anyone that runs the forum, but if they need any help with coding, put them in touch. Would be happy to help for free (not takeover in anyway), more forums/communities the better. Different atmospheres suit different people, but like pubs.
  9. Requested to close his account. I'm still oblivious as to what I did, but hey ho. I don't think he would disagree with anything said in here, as you say he was big on personal responsibility and a big reason why he clashed with the anti gambling side. What does surprise me is the replies to these tweets on social media, the majority of replies I have seen are in favour of the ban, I'm not sure if they believe it would genuinely help those with gambling addictions, or if it's a simple I don't like gambling sponsors ruining the look of my shirt. Some are pretty garish I agree, but ours I feel actually ties in with the shirt quite nicely as oppose to say Just Eat....advertising take away food when we have people struggling with obesity...where does it end.
  10. And Bass. If you ask nicely @loweman2 will show you the shirts, likes to keep these things private though 👀
  11. Give HMRC the money, or plaster your name across a football club. I tried to sponsor the forum, dcfcfans.uk sponsored by dcfcfans.uk but wasn’t allowed 😂
  12. Hope I’m right in saying this, but sponsorships are tax write offs.
  13. I would take Fitzpatrick, really would.
  14. I would give everything we could pick wise. Problem is we’re over our cap space and looking at ways to get Ben to play for free, who to be fair suggested it. With Haskins brought in now on 950k for the year, I fear we’re going to try and rehab him into as Watson is well out of reach. I do know one Ravens fan that said he would trade Lamar for Watson 👀
  15. Alcohol. Seen a few sponsors around, Everton had one, both Rangers and Celtic had Carling deals for a long time, Liverpool and Newcastle as well. Derby are advertising a 0.0% Bavaria, becoming more popular with more releasing their 0% beers, feels wrong to call them that but can see a world where we have Heineken 0%, Budweiser 0% generation of football shirts.
  16. Almost went down this path myself, but felt I would be a long rant. I remember my Dad wearing a Marlboro F1 t shirt, fake one from Spain, but never smoked in his life and I don’t recall thinking he’s walking around advertising smoking. Did the sponsorship ban see a reduction in smokers, or prevent others from taking it up? Smoking, I always see it as a chain reaction, some start at school as their mates do, nicked parents fags, or it starts when you fancy trying one whilst on the lash with mates. Smoking isn’t the type of thing I can see people just seeing an ad one day and thinking yeah, I’ll go buy a 20 deck. Maybe they did back in the day but not now. Likewise with gambling, was my Dad that got me into it, help pick some teams on his acca, led to placing my own when I was old enough. You kinda need to know what you’re doing when placing a football bet or head to the roulette.
  17. We’ve been a bit of a flop at home this season, time to stand up and keep hold of the ball.
  18. Huge Wayne Rooney fan myself, but wouldn’t go that far
  19. This is where I first saw it by the way
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