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  1. The bit I highlighted on Shinnie and Bielik not crossing the halfway line, Shinnie has 1 of the few goals we have scored. Neither are uber defensive to the point they don't venture forward.
  2. Bielik, Shinnie and Knight are all midfielders so not sure how you have worked this one out.
  3. Would guess Shinnie is in there for some experience, Sibley also played for the U23's this week. Sibley and Knight should be the midfield going forward though, that's the future and I'm excited to see it.
  4. Drop them an email ticket.office@dcfc.co.uk Others in this topic have and received fairly quick replies. Obviously an error somewhere which can be rectified
  5. Interesting. Hopefully true as it would suit Knight a lot better.
  6. One day at a time, it will come and I’ll be ready to welcome you with open arms 🙂
  7. Even if that was to happen, it’s impossible to predict what would have happened here under Big Sam. Success elsewhere doesn’t = success here. If only appointing managers was that easy. Look at Pulis at Sheff Wed, Hughton isn’t pulling at trees up at Forest either excuse the pun.
  8. I wasn’t even drinking, can’t can I, the pubs are closed 😭
  9. During the day people work. Is it cheaper for cinemas to show the film in the day, or do they just raise the prices to unreasonable levels at night as they know that’s when people can watch films?
  10. Just to throw another possibility out there, it could just be an admin error which do happen, quick email or call to the club would sort the issue?
  11. It’s hard to sympathise with cinemas, £20 for myself and the missus to watch a film, that’s without the food and drinks. You could argue it’s cheaper than going to the football, but you don’t have that emotional attachment invested to a film like a football team. Maybe the cinemas should think about their customers, Netflix is such good value for £8pm, with modern technology seeing bigger better tv’s and sound systems, the cinema needs to adapt and look at their price model if they are to stay around.
  12. Nope, I remember it clear as day! The bet went down on Twitter, sadly the other sides tweets were mysteriously and conveniently deleted, yet we have members on here claiming to have read the terms and conditions! Trolls.
  13. Can believe what you like but you’re wrong....again
  14. The bet was, having a Forest profile picture. That was it. Members on here tried to twist it into something else, I started out with a broccoli pic followed by a picture from Forest v Stoke. Was never meant to be permanent or anything like that. I satisfied the bet and my conscious is clear.
  15. Probably not. Just more vocal shall we say.
  16. Yeah, I mean I’m in a difficult situation here, can’t say I hate this age sat here running this platform....but I kinda agree 😂
  17. I’m guessing this one may have irritated the club. Not read it myself, subscription ran out.
  18. Just to add. I can totally understand the concern and wanting to know what’s cracking off. Wouldn’t mind knowing either, it’s just I don’t let it occupy my thoughts all day.
  19. Because so many fans are losing their minds and whipping themselves into a frenzy over this take over. The Athletic article didn’t help.
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