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  1. Derby used to play football in a baseball ground... Cricket at a racecourse. Now I'm not too sure what they do in a Park called Pride!
  2. Take off that letter at the end and I'd bid £701. (I only bid on silver items up to their scrap value on eBay.)
  3. I'm not too sorry that we aren't seeing league tables. I've got as many as the Rams so far! Curse this stupid optimism!
  4. The really discouraging thing sbout today's humiliation IMHO is.... Even if we could exorcise the 5 minutes in which we let in three goals.. We would still have been beaten by the odd goal and fail to ever really look like scoring. Were I any other team in this division I would have loved to come up against the Rams on today's showing. From here, where?
  5. Ed Dawes said most of us probably switched off after 14 minutes. Catatonic narcolepsy more like!
  6. First thing Mr Lineker did at FC Barcelona was learn spoken Spanish. This makes a massive difference to how you are treated and accepted. Qualities of a good striker? Fire, power and Fire power!
  7. They've never been the same since Shilts rode off into the sunset!
  8. Tonight Saturn is hiding directly behind a very bright half moon at SSW. At SW iis a still clearly visible Jupiter. Can't see the colours and storms but probably could if I used my astro telescope!
  9. I was 70 in mid August. Everyone told me I don't look it. I tell them I did back in the day!
  10. Ah, they don't make 'em like that anymore! Thank the stars!
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