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  1. In 71-72 we won the league AND the Central league which meant we had the finest first and reserve team in the country. We had a manager who was constantly on the telly. An assistant manager with an uncanny ability to spot latent talent. (spot the anagram!) The finest set of supporters in the world. Forget swinging London, the BBG was where it's at! In 2019 we still have a great set of supporters. Keep the faith.
  2. Prices seem a tad higher than when I reached 18!…………… (Different management admittedly)
  3. Told ya! We scraped through by six lucky goals tonight!🤗 I'm proud of our supporters singing 'God save the Queen" loudly and proudly at the lowest point in the match!
  4. Listening to Mr Southgate just he seems to be saying. "If we were any good in attack we could try and improve our poor midfield if we were any good in defence!"
  5. Brummie Steve


    😂Who's a pretty boy then?
  6. Brummie Steve


    love it, see our second home in the background!
  7. BBG was built on an old Gipsy Camp and the Romany mafia is said to have cursed the club. Winning the FA cup in 1946 and the League twice in the '70s put paid to the myth.. Sadly the BBG is no more!😢
  8. That gipsy wench, will we never be free of her, egad!🧐
  9. After England losing 2-1 to the mighty Icelanders Bobby Charlton said his '66 World Cup winners would only beat them 1-0 "After all, we're all in our 70s now!" Off topic but hilarious IMO😂
  10. The comms made a good point... Why don't defenders guard the posts for corners anymore? Is it something to do with an offside trap or something?
  11. Which is saddest/more hilarious? Gary Sprake chucking the ball into his own net.....or Luton's goalie asleep for Rams first goal?
  12. Haven't seen more than the highlights yet but if circumstances were otherwise Lawrence would have been MOTM I reckon.
  13. The Juventus scandal without a doubt. We were on a magic carpet ride under Clough and Taylor which could and should have resulted in a European Cup final. We knew that Cloughie refused to shake hands with their manager after the game saying 'I don't shake hands with cheats' but it was only revealed later that the Ref was in the Juve dressing room at half-time. HOWEVER the circumstances in which Clough and Taylor left the club has to have left the bitterest taste in the mouth of any Rams Fan of a certain age. And Docherty selling Toddy of course!
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