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  1. I tried a fraction pause after the run up, then booted the ball to the opposite side of where the goalie started to dive. It worked a treat, but is it legal?
  2. Absorbing game. Two attacking teams. Coulda done with a few goals maybe?
  3. Don't mind who's up front as long as his last name rhymes with Harriet or Chariot. Don't tarry at Kick off The Rams starting team With Waggy and Marriott We're off At full steam!
  4. This topic is Cocu Really Achieving Perfection
  5. Positives? We won the second half when we might have totally capitulated.
  6. Season 1968 - 69 started badly after Clough and Taylor's team had finished 18th the season before Then promoted as Champions in 1969. Headlines? Relegation start, promotion finish. Unrivalled glory years followed. So tonight we lost at home 2-1 May 2020 is a long way off. Thrills and spills along the way but that's why I'm a Rams Fan!
  7. Steve Martin? He's a comedian isn't he? Good pedigree for a ref I suppose!
  8. Legend in his own opinion maybe.
  9. 🙋🏼‍♂️BTW I may seem thick asking How does a player born in 1988 get to play No 9 in an U23 game?🤷‍♂️
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