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  1. Joke? Me! I never jest, nor am I renowned for puns or poetry! Much!
  2. Farage might be good though!🤪 The Promotion Party. Ends at 8pm with free taxis!
  3. After 15 yoyo years bouncing between the Championship and the first division or whatever names are given to the second and 3rd division by then!
  4. I remember a Bob Hope film where he says "I hope you won't insult me by offering me money!" Guy gets out his wallet and Bob says "Insult me some more!"
  5. The great '70s Colin Todd 'sideways' cross to an unmarked attacker on the other wing with no change of pace and Hinton's inch perfect corners are still fresh in this Popsider's memory. Is it too much to ask that the current team watch a bit of Youtube and learn from the 71-72 season? Probably, unfortunately!
  6. I know some illiterate folk think this is a season of boos(e) But let's remember that it is a time of peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. COYR, keep the faith and Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🌲🤶🏼🎅
  7. Chaqun á son goût! I a told that some folk even support Nottingham Forest and Leeds united, incredible as that may seem! And what about Keeley Hawes in Ashes to Ashes, the bodyguard, The Durrells and Line of duty!! And, yes, I watched the whole of Peaky Blinders one after another. I was disappointed with the recent "War of the Worlds" and felt that Jeff Wayne and Richard Burton made a much better job of it. Not forgetting.....
  8. C...ocu's R....ams A.....re P.....athetic!
  9. Dontcher throw in the towel Dowell Dontcher throw in the towel We might score from a foul Dowell Dontcher throw in the towel!
  10. Pigeon, luxury, crow's all we could afford and we had to scrape it off t'road!
  11. SIBLEY! SIBLEY! SIBLEY! This is a subliminal message to whoever is picking our first team! SIBLEY! Even warming the subs bench and on for the last 15 minutes. It's called thinking outside the box and not hoping for a foul in Millwall's box! We'll be missing pennos next.
  12. Just got in, turned on Rams TV. We're a goal down of course and Ramage has said "all of a sudden 3 times in one minute. Any good 'watching paint dry' radio shows anywhere? Another classic CR quote 'We're not good with the ball!' agreed!
  13. Rams 1-0 Millwall mafiosi FRGS Waghorn (I'd love to put Sibley, I can dream can't I?)
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