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  1. "Eee I like a good dance!" (Cheese sketch)
  2. Mozza and me used to walk a mile from the BBG to where Dad parked the car (free!). The games were usually so good that we felt like we were walking on air. On the rare occasions that we had a disappointing result we could walk out our frustration! Leave early? Never!
  3. Brilliant refereeing. According to R D he made a great show of checking his watch ever time QPR tried to waste time. Nice to score in the 94th and 101st minute. If QP had concentrated on the game instead of trying to cheat the result might have been totally different. Take it as gospel, Believe what they say. Cheats never prosper And crime does not pay.* *unless you get a poor referee!
  4. I’m just relieved that Zamora doesn’t play for QPR anymore!
  5. Biggish? Does that mean I get the quid back I lent you in 1968? (With compound interest naturally)🧟‍♂️
  6. £1.12s 6d. £1.63 in today’s funny money
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