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  1. How about Phil Neville? At least we could allow him access to the team changing rooms!
  2. I’ve always admired Frank Lampard (jnr) as a player and a credit to football. His enthusiasm as a manager has been infectious. You don’t link him with bad behaviour off the pitch. I’d much rather Frank and Jodi stayed than have to endure a Terry/Gerrard replacement ta very much!
  3. I’ve overdosed on Spaghetti Westerns! Watch ‘a fistful of dollars’
  4. Little bit out with my arithmetic. Make that four coffins.🧠🤠 My decade has decayed! Don’t nobody diss me I ain’t no decade!
  5. Lampard to manage Chelsea NOW! He is about the same odds as when Cloughie was a cast iron, nailed on, put your house on it, cert for the England job. Ron Greenwood got the job even though not even invited for interview! What have England really achieved since the end of July 63 years ago? Chelsea have high expectations and money that shouts! If they want Frank they’ll get him. Forest weren’t keen to lose Cloughie but he was a tried and tested thoroughbred. It’s no real disrespect to the Rams that We have a potentially great manager, whether he stays or goes!
  6. Our latest signing! I was at that match too!
  7. Bobby Charlton went into management but never managed his dream team, yet Legends don’t come much bigger! Dave Mackay, a legend with Derby and Spurs, was super successful managing the Rams but never got to manage the team he led to the double. Frank Lampard....... watch this space!! Boris Johnson...... oh that’s a different and much dirtier game!🤡
  8. I can only assume that this topic has a shelf life of May 2022! By then Frank will have guided Derby into a decent position in the Premiership and proved his worth as a top manager. No doubt he is destined to become manager of Chelsea but he needs to get a few more miles on the clock before looking forward to a career move à la Ferguson or Wenger!
  9. Richard Keogh is so dependable in defence that the others find themselves assuming that he will always do the right thing. Consequently, on the rare occasions on which he fails to deliver he seems to commit a 'howler' as he has no one to pick up the loose ball before it is in the back of the net. No player (goalies included) can go through a game faultlessly without the support of the others in that back line.
  10. Frank and Terry! Best management duo since Cloughie and Taylor! Imagine them together at Derby! (Jody could stay too, of course.)
  11. Too true! If we're honest we should admit that Villa are equipped to stay up whilst we might have struggled (again!) We are a good Championship team who give the fans plenty to cheer about. I reckon we must be the most entertaining side in the division and on our day we can outplay anyone. Sadly in recent years we can always point to sometime in the season where we fail to get out of the changing room for several weeks. This has a disastrous impact on our final league position. When we find a way of avoiding this slump I doubt me not we will finish in the top two! We can then expect to perform in the Prem and may even finish in the top half!
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