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  1. Correct! In real terms Toddy would've cost about £3.5 million today! Gordon Banks would've cost Stoke £1 million Charlie George would've cost us £2 million and we'd be going into the Popside to watch the Premiership Champions for £6 a time. Don't think of it. I hate to see grown men cry!😂
  2. Our 12th man was the immaculate BBG pitch. Just ask Billy!
  3. The fan was nine feet tall himself I bet!🤗
  4. Sorry, I think the word you seek is resign!
  5. Colin Todd! Paid the going rate but worth every last farthing. How else could we get anyone to fill Mackay's boots?
  6. Jim Smith and Tom Lawrence. A few sparks should fly there! Mrs Brummie will entertain Roy Mac and Darren Bent......could be interesting as she hates football!
  7. Award the trophy to Liverpool NOW and be done wi' it! Even the most hardened Everton or Man U fan can't begrudge them that surely?🤗
  8. If he buys any club it should be S'rampton then they could go back to playing at the Dell. We need an Angel called Baseball I reckon!🤔
  9. Handy hint from Littlejohn in the Mail.... With bacterial hand wash difficult to get and priced off the market try using vodka mixed with lemon juice and ice. Drink it mind you, don't waste it on your hands. Helpful advice although being teetotal I thought I'd just pass it on in a spirit (!) of altruism to my fellow Rams fans. Stay strong, stay safe, stay separated.👍🏻
  10. HANDS OFF OUR FUTURE! Message to all those marauding premiership teams who expect to poach our youngsters on the cheep. You aren't getting the Bird! Or a cheep Knight out! Nor Sibley anyone else!
  11. And Gemmill! And Leighton James! And Colin Boulton! And Derek Hales......His only decent achievement in 20 months!
  12. I used to love spending Saturday afternoons at Eton Park watching Ian Storey Moore and Kevin Hector playing for Burton Albion. Both just playing for love of the game!
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