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  1. Bob Wilson and Cloughie thought the same. Amazingly Bobby Charlton said he could see Sunderland winning. Brian said something like "Only if you believe the fairies at the bottom of your garden!" Real entertainment!
  2. Both Lampards done good! And Powells. Charlton brothers. Cloughs. I'm just glad we're not advanced in genetic modification of humans...... Or are we☠️
  3. I was up in Sunderland to watch the lads bring home the cup! Incredible atmosphere. Incredible save by Jim Montgomery from that Lorimer thunderbolt too! Amazing times!
  4. Jumpers? Luxury! We 'ad to mek do wi muck from t' compost 'eap and mek sure we purrit back before our dad come 'ome!
  5. Put them on Ebay. I bought a nice selection from different eras. Start the price at 99p, give it a week and you might be pleasantly surprised. Also qote a postage figure or state 'collection only' Better than recycling anyway.
  6. I've always got on well with WBAggies. They, like the Rams, are a family club and enjoy a good game of football. They don't regard Derby as a natural enemy. TBH, I don't have a problem with Wolves fans. I just thank them for beating L**ds in 1972 and gifting us the League Championship! Now as for L***s and Mi****ll 😡 I even worked amicably in Nottingham!
  7. someone said you have to feel sorry for Forest! So do we?
  8. A couple of gumps are tryin to nick it! A right pair of lady's
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