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  1. The memory fades over time, I’m sure you are correct, I think he landed badly after challenging for a header.
  2. Roy McFarland did but at Wembley playing for England which probably adds to the grass v bare pitches theory.
  3. Would that band be Dire Straits ?
  4. Must have been the Hollowaymo which he upgraded from his Millwall model the chopemdownthenwastetimemo model.
  5. You mean like Buxton, Keogh, Eustace, Martin, Russell ?
  6. All we cheer is Kalio glu glu, Kalio glu glu
  7. I’m surprised about the nasty response, last time I met you I mistakenly thought you had a sense of humour. P.S. I used to have the keepers shirt from the kit before this (as worn by Les Green) must search the loft to see if it’s still there.
  8. Excellent job, I’ve got some used white underpants that could do with sorting by someone with your skills!
  9. I bumped into Rockin Johnny a couple of seasons ago in the Brunswick, he was still doing his charity work he’s well known for. Hope he’s ok and still following the Rams.
  10. Dam busters for me as it was the music we always came out to at the BBG from the 1950’s onwards, it wasn’t meant to be sung along to but it was ours and not used by anyone else. Maybe you have to be a certain age to appreciate it. We have also used it at PP. The traditional music such as walk alone, bubbles, keep right on, z cars, Delilah, etc seem to work best. It has to be a good rousing version though as some are a bit too laid back. I would be interested to know if anyone knows the origin of it’s introduction, there are connections as the Lancaster’s practised in Derbyshire and I believe Barnes Wallace was born in Ripley.
  11. Some bloke called Mostyn calling me ignorant because he disagreed with my post.
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