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  1. We still need a throw in coach like Liverpool, maybe we are working on that one.
  2. Whoever is the first signing will have to be comfortable with a potential -12 points season start or wait for the efl decision before committing. Could make it hard to attract the right players.
  3. You can view any amount of highlights videos but nothing compares to local knowledge like this.
  4. An anagram you say? I’ll just check it can’t be made into Claude Davis.
  5. Sorry, went off topic rambling on about stopping crosses. After Etheridge came back from injury, speculation about a PL move coincided with a loss of form apparently. Not sure how they handle Philippines international games he has to attend.
  6. Not sure I can buy in to the modern football tactics suggestion, In mentioning early crosses I was referring to any scenario which can occur when a wide player has too much time to either cross, lay it back, wait for a runner etc, at no time was I going back in time to a Duncan Ferguson or Frank Wignall era.
  7. I’ve noticed this too, it’s not until a wide man receives the ball that a defender comes out to challenge so we are always in danger from an early cross. The question is why do we play so narrow? Do we not have confidence the central defenders can cope considering they have two defensive midfield player in front of them.
  8. Assume most of those will be time wasting to preserve points.
  9. Good to get back to the basic stuff as so many only judge on the keepers attempt to save, we have been poor on stopping crosses coming in for while now particularly on the right side.
  10. Interesting, maybe distribution wise he is more suited to Cardiff as passing sides prefer a ball player, Chelsea and Arsenal spent big on ball players and have now reverted to someone who can actually do the job first. Might be difficult for us to find someone who can do both to the required standard in the current financial situation. I’d still take him at the right price and let the coaches work on the rest.
  11. At last a decent link for a keeper, right age with ability and potential, not much contract left either. I remember he had a good game at pp not much to do at the valley though. A bit of pressure on the Cardiff keeper for the play off games.
  12. My girlfriend was an extra, she’s had a couple of punctures since but still very attractive after a few match day pints.
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