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  1. When England played Mexico at Pride Park the whole England team stayed for about 4 days before. It was very surreal for a lot of us with all of them walking around. Beckham was brilliant with staff and guests, constantly talking for long periods to different people. My opinion changed of him that day, i even had a few chats to him myself. David James was also brilliant, Gerrard was a right misery...no surprise there!! The other concierge was a great bloke, bit of a Jack the lad in the day. All the players used to leave their dirty kit outside the bedroom doors to be washed. One day he went round and helped himself to some kit!!! Brilliant. They also had a room set aside with a huge amount of shirts laid out on tables with balls etc ready to be signed. The players would come in now and again and sign all the stuff. The aforementioned concierge went in when no-one was there and had away a signed shirt too....legend.
  2. He was a right pest when away teams stayed. He would just be asking if everything was alright all the time, sometimes pestering them for autographs etc. He was a real pain in the ar!e anyway and would get under all our skins. He just became a real creep to some guests. He really latched on to fergie that day for some reason and was his shadow all morning before the match. Fergie eventually had enough and told him direct to his face to "p!ss off" which was a beautifull moment. After this Man u never stayed again.
  3. I remember this one very well. I was working as a barman at the "La Gondola" restaurant on ossie road. We used to have a lot of good links with the club and i remember one time (not sure if it was a midweek game or Saturday) Roy Mac came in for a meal with Tim Sherwood. I was shocked at the time and never realised we had been linked with him. A few days later he signed for Blackburn. No one ever believed me, nice to know my story has been backed up. I also worked at Breadsall Priory and was at reception when Kinkladze checked in, again not been linked with him and i remember a few of us getting very excited on the day. Have lots of good stories of when the teams came to stay before games. Great place to work for a fan back in the day. That was until our conceirge p!sses Alex Ferguson right off and not long after that the away teams all went to stay at Mickleover Court instead. Great memories