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  1. Hull 3/1 to beat the rams

    Just checked Paddy Power and Hull are 11/4 to win. Keiftenbeld is 18/1 to score first, if youve got any spare cash then this maybe worth a cheeky tenner
  2. Online fanbase, more harm than good?

    Good thread this. Ive been a member for a number of years but only post on rare occasions. Been an on off season ticket holder since I was 16 and suffered for the last 10 years. I sit in the south west stand in the corner that has gets lots of fans who come once in a blue moon and feel they can vent their frustration at the team and players when you know they haven't seen the team play week in week out. Same on here, so much moaning and player bashing for people who may or may not go to games. The Johnny Russell bashing is astonishing!! One part time fan jumped up and rained fire on Russell when he got subbed. Once a hero now a vilian? Im 44 now and have seen many highs and lows in football over the years and all its changes. The last few years i have missed more games through work and when ive been fortunate to leave at 1pm on a match day with a 20 mile drive to get home and then rush to get to the match takes its toll. There has been times when ive sat down and the match has passed me by. Real life gets in my way of being active on forums. I enjoy the banter of those season ticket holders around me and would miss not being there. I can never understand how people have the time to keep up with posting regularly on here, especially with all the moaning. Im not one of those fans who live and die for match day. Sometimes im not sure who we are playing from one week to the next. I do though love going to watch my team play and the hubbub surrounding me while im there. Ill talk about it on the way home or either listen to radio derby. I might watch goals on five and thats it till next time. If you have an internet forum you are going to have people who wait to make a pun, have a go at another, abuse a player, roll up with a light hearted remark, those who take immediate offence at a remark directed at them and those like me who read more than they post. Thats just the times we live in and it should all be taken with a pinch of salt. All of you should either concerntrate on what really matters in life, wife, kids, family, work or school. Id miss this place if it wasn't here...but then it wouldn't be the place it is if it wasn't for the list above. That is a person you are talking about or to. Play nicely people.....its only a game!!!!
  3. Keogh

    I find it difficult to sum up Keogh sometimes. Great drive and passion, can pick a tackle and always seems to get that extra yard to put a block in. Can lead the team from the back and drive forward over the halfway line to get the team going. But... He is a player that obviously has had to work very hard at his trade, he is far from a natural CB. He has this air of panic about him...maybe a sense of nerves at times. He is prone to the wrong decision, which has been mentioned, somewhat unwarranted at times. I want my CB's to be dominate in both boxes. We haven't had that for years (shhh but Shotton did put himself about a bit). So with that in mind i wouldn't mind a change..... But not for the sake of change just to try and make a difference.
  4. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Tin hat at the ready..... Having been present for the majority of Ince's home games, i feel i can comment on his form and effect to the team. Although he has scored some cracking goals and provided assists along the way....there's just something about Ince that just doesn't excite me. He is no Ted McMinn. He works hard for the team when he loses thr ball but for me he could do so much more. The opposition expect a lot from Ince but i just dont feel he dominates games as he should. Like the majority of this team, they would all be playing at a higher level if they were all consistant. At Ince's age he has peaked for me and even if he does go i dont think he will cut it in the prem. Dont get me wrong i will be glad if he stays as most have said in this current market it will be hard to replace him. But....... There has to be the players out there that Rowett has identified that will fit the teams structure better than Ince. A young hard working lad who wants to get better. Lets all be honest Ince will not perform well in a team with Wisdom at right back....we have seen it before. For me Ince's best position is the number 10 roll. I used to drive the chap who sits next to me mad calling for him to play there. Then he was dropped into that roll for 3 games and fluffed his lines. You can argue all day long about the players around him but i just think if there is a decent offer over 12 mil then that money can be used to rebuild. I expected that both Hughes and Ince would be gone before the start of the season. Im not overly dissapointed by this....something needs to change. Theres also no chance in the world that our fringe players will command any type of fee over 5mil so even if we lost 5 i doubt it will be enough to rebuild, although im sure we would save a huge amount of wages. Just saying 😆

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