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    The straw that broke the camel's back?

    For me it is more of a decline in football...footballers and the general feel around the game that is making me think twice. Its not just Rowett who has this "Id rather not loose" mentality, most of the bottom half of the Prem play like that and its killing football for me. Last night the chap who sits next to me said that at the age of 13 Tom Lawrence had a boot deal. Im not sure if that is true but it made me feel sick. When you get kids on big money it frightens me where this game is going. I have a work colleague who grew up with Will Hughes and is a family friend. She said that when he had his first pro pay check he paid off his mums mortgage. As lovely a story that is, its just a ridiculous scenario. Football is a game that was great in the 80s and early 90s. This what we are watching now is challenging the laws of what we most love about this game. I will renew but at what cost. This has been the most boring of seasons. Who nows what the future holds either for Derby but football as a whole. Its a poor state of affairs 😕

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