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  1. As the car journey home progressed we got more and more excited about next season and in some way happier to be in the championship. Don't get me wrong we need the money but with a rebuild, would prefer to do that outside the premier League. We listened to talk sport and in particular Simon Jordan who had a go about Villa and said many encouraging words about us. Made me realise I would prefer to watch us win games in this league than hope to beat the likes of Bournemouth and Brighton. Frank will stay and with the feeling about the place I'm sure next season will be just as good. Feel so much more positive about the future tonight
  2. I was worried about this. For some mad reason I watched the FA vase final between Chertsey and some other non league team. This was followed by the FA trophy final with FC Fylde and Orient about 3 hours later!!!! I'm sure there have been other games played aswell in-between. Mad me worry that it's gonna get some hammer. Those lower league teams are constantly flying in with sliding tackles. Bet the groundsmen hate this time of year. The only thing is it will be of no advantage to either team.
  3. Haven't seen the Rams win at Wembley, I missed the WBA final. This would be so sweet of we do come out on top on Monday. For me though I don't think it matters what league we are in there is going to be a huge clear out of players either way. We have signed Shinne who is quite obviously a Championship player. We are going to have to be very cute in the transfer market and will be starting on the back foot. I believe this will be the most interesting of pre seasons and will be exciting. The benefit of course in going up is the options we can give to mount, tomori and maybe wilson. Let's just hope Frank can stay for another season, hopefully he sees going to Chelsea now as too soon
  4. Ha....I'm in the same boat as you mate. Been to the same games and never seen them win. Not sure if we should go...be bad luck lol
  5. Completely agree. I'm not down about Saturday, I'm excited either way with whatever division we end up in. With the teams coming up and the youngsters coming through, next season will be very interesting. Don't get me wrong we will have to have a few seasons hovering around 10th but we have to do that to blood those youngsters. I'm convinced this will be a very positive few seasons Indeed
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