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Tactical decisions


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Greggs is closed tight. The cleaners are chased off at 12pm sharp.

Ronald McDonald has his place nearby. But if it's a pie you want.... well, bring your credit card.

It's easy to get food and drink at half time. People bugger off down at 38mins and then again in the 80th min. Let them go to 'beat the rush' and you can wander down quite freely without missing our 2-1 win over Wednesday.

Don't sing. It's not encouraged. Are you familiar with abusing Derby players?

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Shame. Being a rugger sort, I'm used to a decent pie.

Then again, I'm used to having a pint whilst standing on a terrace as well. Guess I'm entering into a whole new ball park (yank / historical pun only slightly intennded).

Get with the times man!!


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