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Foreign players


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Footballs changed, leagues from Eastern Europe are alot better than they were during the end of communism (I think), Ukraine have got some decent teams.

Croatia have had a pretty good national team since 1996.

Besides, the amount of foreigners already in the English leagues, you'd think that would improve the quality of British players available for the championship?

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IMaybe I'd kill the game as a money maker but I'd have some kind of embargo in place at our level.

it would never get passed in the prem cos I guess you could argue that people want to see the "superstars" of Europe, Asia, The Americas and Africa playing their trade at the highest possible level.

Our game has sacrificed a lot for the money of television and the global appeal that went with it. When you add to that the Bosman ruling giving control to the agents, football sold it's soul.

I dont think it's right that so much money goes out of the english game, especially on over inflated salaries (the transfer fees have always been there). I bet there are at least 100 hundred foreign players in the Prem and Championship making less than 10 appearances each per year on 5 grand a week. Christ we could keep the money in our game, develop English youngsters and pay them 5 grand a week NOT TO PLAY.

it's bizarre. So much money and so many agents fees on so many players who sit in the reserves doing bugger all but blocking the path for our youth. Somethings got to change surely.

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Yes, said it was cheeper to buy in Uk. always thought it was the opposite espically if you go to Eastern Europe like we did win Igor, Asanovic etc.

I thought that he said that it was too much of a risk they wouldn't settle etc.

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