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Mike Ingham reliving the glory days


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A fantastic interview with the Beeb's chief football correspondent, reliving his time as a young Rams fan and at Radio Derby. It's plain to see his passion for the Rams is still as strong as ever.

Brings back so many great memories.

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Ingham about the BBG

"The atmosphere at the Baseball Ground was amazing. It gave the team a real advantage which I don't think Pride Park does.

"The fans were so close to the pitch and it was so muddy. When the likes of Spurs and Liverpool came they were almost beaten before they'd got on to the pitch.

Ingham about Clough

"You had to think about how you phrased every question. If you started with something like 'people might think...' he would immediately say 'which people?'. He would pick up on every single word.

Only the most intelligent people support the Rams!

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