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Carlos Tevez


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What's going on here?

Manchester City expect Carlos Tevez to return to the club on Tuesday.

The Argentine, 28, is set to report to their Carrington training ground on Tuesday morning, when he is likely to undergo a series of fitness tests.

“Everyone knows that Tevez is a top player and it probably would have been better for us if he'd been here”

Roberto Mancini Man City manager

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini said he would welcome the return of the striker, who has not played since it was claimed he refused to warm up against Bayern Munich in September.

"I don't have a problem and the club doesn't," said Mancini.

Tevez is expected to board a flight from Argentina on Monday and is set to arrive in the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

His dispute with Manchester City has cost him close to £10m in wages, fines and lost bonuses.

He was fined £1.2m for gross misconduct for refusing to return from South America, where he has been since November, during which time City have refused to pay wages estimated at £200,000 a week.

The former Manchester United and West Ham player was strongly linked with moves to AC Milan, Inter Milan and Paris Saint-Germain during the January transfer window, but none of the interest materialised into a transfer.

Mancini is hopeful Tevez can play some part for City this season.

Speaking after his side's 1-0 win over Aston Villa on Sunday, the Italian insisted the ball remains in Tevez's court.

"I spoke with Carlos one week after Munich. He knows everything," said Mancini, who has seen his side struggle for goals without suspended striker Mario Balotelli.

"We are here. We've not changed these past few months and Carlos knows that. He is a City player.

"Everyone knows that Tevez is a top player and it probably would have been better for us if he'd been here.

"Carlos can change a lot of games. If he comes back next week, maybe he can help us in the last three months."

But Mancini has made it clear that he expects the Argentina international. to apologise.

"This is normal," he said. "Then, after, Carlos can train, can play, as long as his condition is good."

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What's going on here?

Mancini is desperate now the goals have dried up and has forgotten is big speech about Tevez will never play for the club again. Least with Clough, if he say's you can f*k off you can guarentee you'll be off in the next window, Mancini could learn a thing or two from our messiah.

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Surely if Mancini was talking to him like a dog he'd be saying things like "Down Boy", that wouldn't make any sense when he was trying to get him off the bench and warming up, unless he was shouting fetch and pointing at the football on the pitch.

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Tevez is everything that is wrong with football at the moment. A foul and disgusting man who dares to call himself a professional.

PSG offered him a reported £150,000 a week and he said no as it was below his current £200,000.

Just who the hell does he think he is?

I would like to see all professional footballers salary capped at £100,000 per year. That's still well above an executive salary and a good reward.

To hell with these overpaid, molly coddled nancy boys who are only playing to entertain the workforce after a long week. That is the resaon we have football. To entertain us, so stop the whinging about only earning £100,000 a week and start damn well entertaining me.

"I was treated like a dog". No Carlos, you have treated each and every Man City fan like a dog.

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He wouldnt have that bird on his arm if he wasnt on £200k a week!!! Like his style of play but thats about it, as a guess from someone who aint got a clue about him personally I would guess he is a bit thick and and that Jooourbricin bloke (his agent) tells him what to do and say!!!

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